Khloe Kardashian Flaunts 40-Lb Weight Loss Diet & Fitness Success In Hot Styles

Joanne Eglash

Khloe Kardashian isn't hesitating to show off the results of her weight loss diet and fitness regime. With 40 pounds shed, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has been flaunting her revenge body in her hottest styles yet.

Turning to Instagram, Khloe shared her best body by slipping into a skin-tight bodysuit. The plunging neckline showcased her assets, noted the Daily Mail.

"I don't wear pink often but my glam girls had me feelin some type of way," wrote Kardashian in the caption. "Love my girls @joycebonelli @justinemarjan @traceycunningham1."

Khloe has been sharing her focused fitness regime on social media, describing her workouts and encouraging her followers.

Kardashian has detailed a variety of workouts on Snapchat as well, ranging from intense core work to tone up her abs to a combination of cardio and bodyweight training by doing squat jumps on the StairMaster.

"When you diet, you are basically setting yourself up for failure," opined the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star.

Kardashian advised those who want to follow her lead to make small changes and to permit an occasional treat.

"I mean, the word die is in there," pointed out Khloe in a discussion about dieting. "You're not allowing yourself to enjoy the food you love, and it will only make you want it that much more. Make smart lifestyle changes, one baby step at a time."

And by taking "one baby step at a time," Kardashian has succeeded in achieving her goal. Fans praised one of her revealing outfits on Instagram.

"So beautiful," gushed several followers.

For those wanting to know the exact details of her slim-down success, Kardashian has shared the specifics of her weight loss food plan, reported People.

Khloe follows a dairy-free diet and rather than using food to comfort her or to ease stress, the reality TV star heads to the health club.

A typical breakfast features protein and complex carbohydrates, with eggs and oatmeal listed as one of her favorite ways to jump-start her day. And while that first meal of the day might be solo, Khloe has company when it comes to her chosen foods for a waist-whittling lunch.

"I always have a salad," emphasized the reality TV star. "If you watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians, all you see is my sisters Kourtney, Kim and me binging on salads!"

As for coping with hunger between meals, Kardashian has two preventive strategies in place. She revealed that she is careful to "always have fruit" available for snacks to avoid temptation. In addition, to prevent getting in a bad mood from hunger, she sips protein shakes.

The 32-year-old is extremely careful when it comes to carbohydrates, and that includes her evening meal.

"I eat chicken and vegetables with a sweet potato or rice as my carb," she explained. "I'm not a pasta girl, and I don't eat bread at night."

As for giving into temptation when it comes to longing for candy or wine, Kardashian doesn't deprive herself. Instead, she has learned to set limits.

"I'll have a handful of M&M's or a piece of pizza. If I drink, I have one or two glasses," Khloe clarified. "It's about understanding limitations."

[Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Images]