‘American Horror Story’ Season 6: Emma Roberts And Taissa Farmiga Returning?

By this time last year, we knew all about the American Horror Story: Hotel cast. This year, we just have yet more rumors about potential stars returning for Season 6. There’s not even a season name!

Some of the rumors are around Season 3 actresses Emma Roberts and Taissa Farmiga. The two may be returning for Season 6, but there are no confirmations just yet. Is it possible that the two will come back?

A few months ago, there were rumors that Evan Peters would return to American Horror Story as Tate Langdon. Could Farmiga return as Violet to connect Season 1 to Season 6? Peters has said that he’d like to see a story about Tate before he went crazy and was killed in the house, so is it possible that he will see Violet at some point and that draws him to her when he spots her for the first time at Murder House?

Farmiga’s role in American Horror Story Season 6 was rumored after she was spotted with writer John J. Gray, according to Chat Sports Net. A photo went around Twitter of the two meeting, suggesting that they were discussing her new character and return.

At the same time, rumors started that Roberts was going to return to American Horror Story, after being absent for a year. The Scream Queens actress has said that she would love to return, but will her scheduling allow for it? There are also questions over whether there will be a part for her to play.

It is no secret that AHS Season 6 will contain a smaller cast. So far, only Peters, Denis O’Hare, Angela Bassett, Cheyenne Jackson, Matt Bomer, Lady Gaga, and Leslie Jordon have been confirmed for roles in the season. Sarah Paulson is reportedly set to join them, but there has been no confirmation yet. If she doesn’t, Peters will be the only remaining cast member who has been in every season of the show.

Farmiga’s sister Vera was also rumored to join the American Horror Story Season 6 cast. That rumor has now been refuted, as she will still be with the Bates Motel cast. While Norma Bates is dead, she is still alive in her son’s head, meaning that there is room for her in the show. At the Bates Motel panel at SDCC 2016, it was confirmed that she would have a major role through Norman’s eyes.

“There is still so much unknown about AHS Season 6, and fans can’t help but wonder why. The show is set to return earlier than before, but not even a setting is known right now. There have been numerous rumors and guesses, but nobody really knows for certain. Ryan Murphy, creator of the show, has even deleted his tweets around the subject to keep fans guessing.”

Vera was supposed to replace Kathy Bates, who is reportedly not returning to American Horror Story, after three years on the show, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

One thing that is known is that there will only be 10 episodes to the season. This is down from 12-13 in most other seasons. There may be two settings within the season, which is something that has never happened before. Other rumors suggested that there would be two seasons within a year for the first time, which would explain the smaller cast, shorter season, and earlier start date.

What do you think about the rumors circulating about AHS Season 6? Will any of them come true, or is this just one of those shows that you will have to wait and see to find out?

American Horror Story Season 6 will come back to screens on September 14, 2016 on FX. Watch out for future spoilers on the topic, as the start date gets closer.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]