Why Are The Hamptons Rebelling Against Bravo’s New Show ‘Summer House?’

No matter how many times Bravo promises that Summer House will be nothing like Jersey Shore, Hamptons residents, and Montauk homeowners aren’t buying it. The new Bravo show, which has ordered ten episodes with a five million dollar budget, is about a group of friends who share a house in the Hamptons from Memorial Day through Labor Day, mostly on the weekends, and return to their work lives during the week. But there seems to be more talk about how to defeat Summer House than interest in it as these same people seem to be annoyed enough by the filming of the show The Affair.

According to the Inquisitr, Bravo has a history of bringing the crazy to clubs and restaurants around the filming area, and this has been true especially with Real Housewives of New York. In the last year or two on RHONY, Ramona, in particular, had too much to drink in public while shooting and caused situations that made many people uncomfortable. Whether it is giving men lap dances at sushi restaurants, or fighting with other cast members at clubs, a Bravo shoot can make an evening out a zoo.


Page Six is reporting that Montauk homeowners are terrified that Summer House is going to be Jersey Shore of the Hamptons, and they are not happy. Just a month into filming, and what was pitched as a show about an exclusive East Coast beach area is now sounding more like party central. Montauk locals were particularly dismayed when they saw Bravo production jobs in Montauk listed on Simply Hired.

“I urge all businesses to not allow them to film in their locations,” surfer, photographer, and Montauk native James Katsipis posted on Facebook.


Katsipis said that residents should remember what Jersey Shore did to that community.

“We need to stop this show from happening. Isn’t The Affair enough?”

Another resident of Montauk suggested that any time they see people out and about filming Summer Home, they should air horn their shots because air horns can’t be edited out. Steven Gaines, author of Philistines at the Hedgerow, warned Hamptons homeowners not to believe what Bravo had to say about Summer House.

“No matter what they say at Bravo, this is still going to be about sleazy share-houses, and none of it is going to be good for our reputation or for tourism. It’s going to be about drunken millennials trying to get laid.”


So the folks of Montauk just want to have peace and quiet without a lot of Bravo and Summer House noise piercing their solitude, is that it? Page Six says that the real reason people don’t want Summer House filmed in Montauk is that they don’t want their cheating and running around caught on camera. Recently, a married man was allegedly heard complaining about the cameras while he dropped a ton of money on booze for young women, none of whom were his wife.

Business owners, including Zach Erdem of AM Southampton have limited the amount of time that Bravo and Summer House can film at his business.

“People were complaining because of the lights and were very upset, and didn’t want cameras in the club. Management came to me saying, ‘Some guy spent $10K and is married and has girls around and doesn’t want to be filmed.’ I told [the producers] the shooting had to be done. They were there for two hours and had to leave.”

But some of the more chill residents of Montauk have good reason to worry that their area of summer paradise will be painted as the new Jersey Shore as some out of control behavior has been filmed, including a #Sprayathon rager hosted by banker Brett Barna that was so wild that Barna was fired from his job soon after.


The suggestion has been made that when Bravo flies in the ill-mannered cast of Vanderpump Rules, including Stassi Schroeder, to show the cast of Summer House how to behave, you have a real problem.

She was added to help boost [future] ratings. The cast is so bad, some of the Vanderpump Rules stars were flown in to help them learn how to ‘act’ on camera, including Stassi.

Do you think that the Bravo show, Summer House, will essentially be a slightly more upscale version of Jersey Shore but shot in the Hamptons?

[Photo by Spence Platt/Getty Images]