Hillary Clinton Is A ‘Bigot’ Who Tried To Stop a Black Guy And A Jewish Guy From Becoming President: Rush Limbaugh

Commenting on the WikiLeaks #DNCLeaks controversy, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh today joked that Hillary Clinton is or was a bigot because of the political campaigns that she waged against Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders.

Today is the first day of the Democratic nominating convention in Philadelphia, an event that has become engulfed in controversy and unrest over the WikiLeaks #DNCLeaks email dump, nearly 20,000 messages, that suggests that the party attempted to undermine the insurgent presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton, including collusion with news outlets.

Although railing against the rigged system for months, the Vermont Senator endorsed Hilary Clinton for president on July 12 and again tonight, but many of his fans in and outside the convention arena so far aren’t buying it, especially after the email revelations.

As the Inquisitr reported earlier, the Democratic National Committee officially apologized to Sanders and his supporters “for the inexcusable remarks made over email” and the lack of neutrality during the primary season.

Twitter seems to be indicating that some DNC speakers are being met with widespread heckling inside the Wells Fargo Center.


Against the backdrop of Clinton-aligned Democrats apparently planning — among other things — to make an issue of Bernie Sanders’ religious heritage by feeding negative information to friendly journalists, Limbaugh today repurposed a clip from his February 10 radio broadcast, which was the day after Sanders, a self-described socialist running for president as a Democrat, won the New Hampshire Primary in a landslide.

“You know that Bernie Sanders is the first Jewish candidate to win a major presidential primary? You had heard that? But here’s the point. Hillary Clinton tried to stop the first African-American from being elected president. Now she’s trying to stop the first Jewish American from being elected president. What a bigot. Doesn’t Mrs. Clinton realize she should get out of the way and let these minorities finally have their shot at things? She tried to stop the first black president; he won. Now she’s trying to stop the first Jewish president, and he just mopped the floor with her.”

Back in 2008, Hillary Clinton was the presumed front-runner and all but nominated for the Democrat presidential nomination until Barack Obama, a first-term U.S. Senator from Illinois, came along and upended the primary election. If you followed politics back then, you might recall after Obama moved into a commanding position with the delegate tally, and even though Hillary Clinton reeled off a series of primary wins, many media outlets demanded that she drop out in favor of Obama.

In something of a role reversal on the day before the 2016 California primary, a New York Times reporter more or less accused Bernie Sanders of sexism for staying in the presidential race against Clinton, even though he also had many primary wins in his column. Around that time, Sanders was vowing to take his anti-establishment campaign all the way to the convention in Philadelphia


Rush Limbaugh admitted today that in his February commentary, he “was being a little funny,” but that there was an underlying message in addition to the satire.

“…[H]ere she is as a bigot denying all these minorities their chance at the big day in the sun, but it was true, and the DNC emails reveal that they made a point, they had a strategy, the DNC coordinating with the media and amongst themselves to do stories — you can’t do this without colluding with the media….”

In a 16-minute interview with the progressive outlet Democracy Now, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange reacted to the fact that after Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the Florida Congresswoman, resigned as DNC chair she was immediately hired by the Clinton campaign.

“…So that’s a very interesting signaling by Hillary Clinton that if you act in a corrupt way that benefits Hillary Clinton, you will be taken care of. Why does she need to put that out? Certainly, it’s not a signal that helps with the public at all. It’s not a signal that helps with unity at the DNC, at the convention. It’s a signal to Hillary Clinton partisans to keep on going on, you’ll be taken care of. But it’s a very destructive signal for a future presidency…”

Assange separately told NBC News that there is no proof that Russia was behind the email hack and that the allegation is a distraction put forth by the Clinton campaign.

Parenthetically, in a portion of a 60 Minutes interview that CBS apparently decided not to air, Hillary Clinton claimed she had no knowledge of the incriminating emails, The Weekly Standard reported.

Given the row over the Wikileaks #DNCLeaks of thousands of emails, do you think that the Democrats will unify by the time the DNC convention concludes on Thursday evening?

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