‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: The Secret Room Has Been Opened

Big Brother 18 spoilers reveal the secret room has been opened. Host Julie Chen made a big deal about the secret room, but nobody in the BB18 house knew about it until Monday, July 25. A report from Joker’s Updates revealed some key information displayed on the live feeds. Producers put a message on the board that read, “Clues to the secret: All are around you. You may want to keep it to yourself.” Suddenly, everyone in the BB18 house knew that something was up and started trying to put the clues together.

After quite a few people tried to put numbers in the phone, feeling that they had figured out something, Paul Abrahamian began running around the house. It was clear he had a succinct idea of what needed to be done, and he soon proved himself to be correct. Learning a code he figured out by putting together messages on many departure signs around the house, Paul typed that on the phone and it revealed a tunnel to the Secret Room.

Another report from Joker’s Updates put together what Paul Abrahamian was able to discover. These are going to be very important Big Brother 18 spoilers, because what was inside the room could change how the game moves forward. Any houseguest that entered the room got a chance to pick an envelope that could contain a return-ticket to the game. Each envelope gets opened when the houseguest is evicted, and the one with the round-trip ticket gets to re-enter the BB18 house.

There is a lot of griping going on inside the house this evening, with people frustrated that this twist came the same week that people are trying to get Frank Eudy evicted. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Veto ceremony took place earlier on Monday. Michelle Meyer won the Power of Veto for Week 5. That gave her the opportunity to save one of the nominees at the Veto ceremony. Michelle decided to not use the Power of Veto, instead choosing to support the nomination choices of HOH James Huling.

At the upcoming eviction ceremony, Frank Eudy and Bridgette Dunning are the two houseguests on the block. This is where it gets tricky, as Frank is the main target and will be evicted by a vote of 9-0. If he has the return-ticket in his envelope, then Frank will be right back in the game. It hasn’t been explained what might be in envelopes that don’t contain the ticket, but host Julie Chen may let viewers know about that on the Wednesday night episode (July 27).

Victor Arroyo was the second one in the tunnel after Paul helped him out, but many houseguests quickly followed him. As of late Monday evening, all 12 houseguests had made it into the Secret Room, meaning they all have envelopes to their names. This means that someone is guaranteed to re-enter the game at some point, despite only Paul Abrahamian really figuring out the clues correctly. With the hours of running around that the BB18 house did on Monday, it should provide some exciting moments in the next few episodes.

Producers certainly have a lot of footage to show viewers after a really busy weekend, especially with the drama between Bridgette Dunning and Michelle Meyer boiling over, Da’Vonne Rogers and James Huling turning on Nicole Franzel, and Michelle Meyer winning the Veto. That’s a lot of Big Brother 18 spoilers for producers to cover in the next few episodes, but at least it should make for some good TV for CBS viewers. The BB18 house is certainly hoping again.

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