Prince: Sheila E. Talks About His Drug Use And Unreleased Song Library

According to People, Sheila E. recently took time out to speak with talk show host Larry King about Prince’s drug use and the vast unreleased song library he left behind. She and Prince shared an extended friendship. In case you’re unaware, at one point, the couple was even engaged.

Sheila told King that she was totally unaware that Prince was taking any kind of pain medication at all. That includes aspirin and Tylenol. Her revelation reinforces the fact that her friend went to all lengths to hide his growing need for painkillers.

Apparently, they never discussed his pain. Sheila said she assumed he was in pain at times because she is and was as well. Injuries while performing onstage are common. Add that to the fact that Prince wore high-heeled shoes and jumped around on stage, and pain almost seems inevitable.

When asked about his huge collection of unreleased songs, gathering dust in the vault at Paisley Park, Sheila E. said there are “hundreds.” She indicated her knowledge stemmed from the fact that she recorded with Prince for three or four years and she’s never heard any of those particular songs.

In regard to her engagement to Prince, that happened long ago. This is what Sheila had to say about the breakup.

“I said yes, and he asked me, and then it just kind of… Yeah, [I had a ring], but I let that go. We were working together 24/7: We were always together, and it was a good and a bad thing. I think after a while, I started to feel like musically where he was going, I didn’t want to be anymore. It was a different time.”

Even though Prince and Sheila E. made the decision to part ways, in the late 1980s, they eventually rekindled their friendship and were quite close at the time of his death. Watch the following video, to find out how Prince and Shelia E. met.

As recently reported by the Inquisitr, for reasons known only to the musical legend himself, Prince did not leave a will. The good news is that the list of his possible heirs is dwindling.

On July 22, documentation was presented in the probate court of Carver County, Minnesota. These documents ruled out another 13 individuals who claimed to be related to Prince Rogers Nelson. They may, in fact, be related. However, Minnesota law stipulates that distant cousins aren’t automatically eligible to inherit money or property from one another.

Two females, Brianna Nelson and her 11-year old niece (known only as VPN) could still be in the running. They are both required to undergo DNA testing to prove their relationship to the Purple One.

Unfortunately, the reasoning behind the fact that Prince didn’t make his last wishes known will probably always remain a mystery. Had he left a last will and testament, the uncertainty of what is to become of his unreleased song library would not be an issue.

Prince’s death was a tragedy that might not have happened if he would have reached out to his family and friends. For so many people like him, Prince chose to deal with his excruciating pain the best way he knew how– in silence.

Are you or have you ever been acquainted with someone who is fighting a pain pill addiction? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Reach out to that person, if you can. There is free help available. One such resource is the helpline brought to you by Counselors are available around the clock, simply by calling 1-855-378-4373. Think about it. If Prince would’ve received help, before it was too late, the world would still be blessed with his musical genius and compassion. His fans would not be crying purple rain.

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