Prince’s Heirs: The List Is Dwindling!

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long after Prince’s death for his self-proclaimed heirs to start coming out of the woodwork. In the almost three months since the iconic musician death, numerous people have contacted the administrator of Prince’s estate claiming to be related to him.

According to a recent USA Today report, all but a few people have been ruled out. There is no need for the individuals in this specific group to consent to genetic testing. For them, it’s the end of the line.

Last Friday, documents were presented in the Carver County, Minnesota, probate court on behalf of Prince’s estate. A total of 13 individuals were ruled out. However, two individuals may be related to the musical genius, but only time and DNA test results will tell.

Countless people claimed to have ties with Prince. Individuals claimed to be his spouse, his sibling, his child, his half-sibling, his aunt or uncle, his distant cousin — sadly, the list goes on. Seemingly, scads of people wanted the chance to cash in on Prince’s multimillion dollar fortune even when they weren’t related to him at all.

Many of the people who were ruled out on Friday claimed to be related to the sister of Prince’s great-grandfather. But from the looks of things, these individuals weren’t up to date on current Minnesota law. Distant cousins are not automatically eligible to inherit money or property from each other.

Bremer Trust, the administrator of Prince’s estate, has already indicated that Prince’s five half-siblings and one sibling are all eligible heirs to his fortune. Because of this, there is no need for additional genetic testing.

The two other people who might be related are Brianna Nelson and an 11-year-old girl referred to simply as VPN. Her young age prevents her from being identified publicly. Brianna is VPN’s aunt.

To narrow it down further, The two are daughter and granddaughter to the man who always claimed to be Prince’s half-brother, Duane Nelson Sr. At one point, Duane was the head of Prince’s security team.

Duane’s parents were John and Vivian Nelson, who were married in 1938. Duane was born in 1958. There is a question as to whether or not Duane’s parents were still married at the time of his birth. Minnesota law states that in order to be presumed the biological child of two specific parents that couple must be married at the time of the birth. If not, the assumption of parentage is not automatic.

Regardless of who inherits Prince’s estate, they have a big job ahead of them, Of course, this is in the event they actually want to give their input. One example of this is what will happen to the musician’s beloved Paisley Park compound.

As recently reported by the Inquisitr, there have been rumors about turning the Chanhassen complex into a tourist attraction. In fact, before his April 21 death, Prince talked about initiating the transition himself. His longtime friend Sheila E. verified the information. In an Entertainment Tonight interview, she stated that Prince was in the process of gathering up all kinds of career-related memorabilia. This, of course, included the motorcycle he rode in Purple Rain.

How do you feel about all of the false claims initiated by people who want to benefit from Prince’s monetary success? What is your theory regarding the reason he neglected to draw up a will? Do you think it was because he thought he was too young to die or that he simply didn’t want to be the one to ruffle anyone’s feathers? Feel free to leave your thoughts about Prince and his yet-to-be-claimed fortune below.

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