Regal Free Tickets: Regal Cinemas Confirms Fraudulent Ticket Offer, Warns Customers Of Strings Attached

Have you seen a promotion offering Regal free tickets on Facebook? If so, stay away from it!

A Facebook post offering free movie tickets from Regal Cinemas has been making waves on social media since it started circulating online earlier this month.

Regal Cinemas issued a statement on the company’s official Facebook page Friday referencing the fraudulent offer of Regal free tickets. The company posted a screenshot of the coupon scam along with a “Scam Alert” stamp. The photo caption consisted of a crystal clear warning for all consumers to read and take seriously before getting their hopes up about the free ticket offer.

“ATTENTION MOVIE FANS: There’s currently an offer floating around Facebook for free movie tickets. DO NOT CLICK the link! It’s a scam to access your personal information. We are not affiliated with this in any way, shape, or form and are taking the necessary steps to alert Facebook. Feel free to share this post and let your friends know!”

regal free tickets [Image via Regal Cinemas Facebook]The fraudulent ticket offer definitely looked authentic – especially when you pay attention to the overall look and format of the post itself. For instance, the official Regal Cinemas logo is a major highlight on the coupon since it matches the actual logo used by the company. In addition to standard fine print and a bar code, the average consumer may quickly assume that the coupon is a great deal that needs to be shared as quickly as possible.

The Regal free tickets coupon offered free admission for five people instead of just one, which may cause the typical consumer to click the link and quickly start thinking about the four other people that they want to take to the movie theater along with them.

There are also several red flags, though, that do not stand out as quickly as the deceptive elements – such as the bar code and company logo. For example, the heading of the fraudulent Regal free tickets post claims that Regal Cinemas is celebrating its “100th anniversary” – which would explain why the company allegedly decided to give away so many free movie tickets on Facebook.

However, the company is nowhere near celebrating its 100th anniversary. Regal Cinemas was established in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1989. Therefore, the company is much closer to celebrating its 30th anniversary than its 100th anniversary. It is impressive, though, that Regal Entertainment Group has grown to become one of the largest, geographically diverse theater circuits in the country.

Another red flag of the fraudulent Regal free tickets offer is the website link advertised on the post. The website URL “” – is a website that is not an official website of Regal Cinemas or even an affiliate of the entertainment company. The official website of Regal Cinemas, though, is very similar –

As mentioned by Regal Cinemas, the link on the fraudulent Regal free tickets post connects you to a different website that walks you through a “quick” survey and asks for your personal information. As is the case with most fraudulent coupons and promotional offers, the most important part of this free ticket offer is the sharing aspect. In order to qualify for the ticket giveaway, sharing the post on your Facebook page is a required part of the process. Taking this step will inadvertently spread the scam within your own inner circle, because now your online friends see that you did it and will likely want to do it, too.

In a post titled “Something for Nothing,” Snopes provides a list of other popular fraudulent coupons and offers that have made waves online and drawn a lot of attention on social media in recent years.

“‘You can’t get something for nothing,’ the adage tells us. Nonetheless, people keep expecting that companies are going to serve up free lunches via the Internet. If they didn’t give away free merchandise, cash, and stocks in the real world, they’re not about to start doing it in a virtual one.”

The offer of Regal free tickets is a fraudulent scam, but following the company’s official social media pages and platforms will keep you up-to-date on any legitimate offers and promotions that arise in the future. In addition, it is always good to remember that if an offer seems too good to be true, it’s probably false.

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