‘Arrow’ Season 5: Stephen Amell Discusses Olicity Status, Cody Rhodes Appearance, And Crazy Second Half Of The New Season

Arrow Season 5 is still more than three months away, but thanks to San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Arrow fans have been treated to some much-needed information, and of course a teaser trailer. Arrow fans have a special love/hate relationship with Stephen Amell’s Green Arrow and his CW love interest Felicity Smoak. “Olicity” is the term given by the fans who have a loving relationship with the duo, but many other Arrow fans have hated Olicity and blame them for the decline in quality of the show. Olicity was broken up, Team Arrow was disbanded, and those same fans hoped for a clean slate for Season 5. Comicbook reports that Stephen Amell took time during SDCC 2016 to update Arrow fans on Olicity.

“Oliver’s most important relationship in the entire show is his relationship with Star City, and his objective to make it better than what it was and fulfill what his father asked him to do. So Oliver and Felicity are very much team members at this point. She thinks that there should be a new team at the moment, and Oliver would like the old team to return. He’s convinced everyone will go do their thing, then come back. They’re kind of at odds at that at the moment, but they’re very much team members right now.”


Arrow fans who were enraged by Olicity can breathe a sigh of relief, as Stephen Amell’s explanation, and much that is coming out of SDCC 2016 seems to prove that the writers are aware of the fan dissatisfaction with the Olicity subplot.

Arrow Season 5 continues to look like more of a Green Arrow and Oliver Queen focus and less on Olicity and everyone else.

Stephen Amell was part of a feud with wrestler Cody Rhodes, outside of CW’s Arrow, and it even brought him to the WWE to be part of a whole shtick. The Inquisitr reported earlier this month that Stephen Amell dropped the information that Rhodes would be joining Arrow Season 5 this fall. Amell dropped a few more details about Cody Rhodes’ entrance in the DCTV Universe.

“It’s incredibly exciting, man, and I think [Cody]’s really going to excel. He’s in 503, and I think it has a real chance to be an excellent episode.”


Amell, unfortunately, did not share any details about the character that Cody Rhodes will be playing. However, it does sound like Rhodes will only be showing up for one Season 5 episode, so it could be that he is a minor, one and done character. This, of course, is only the first half of Arrow Season 5.

Stephen Amell was kind enough to Arrow fans to also give them a preview of what the second half of Season 5 will be like.

There haven’t really been any cliffhangers; this season feels very grounded and very patient to me. It’s a patience that’s earned over the course of a couple of years. If you produce a quality episode, someone doesn’t need to appear from the grave at the end. It feels very much like we are taking our time and really setting things up for everything to just go f***ing crazy in the second half of the year.”

Stephen Amell has given some extreme vagaries in lieu of any actual information, but his description should give doubting Arrow fans something to be excited about, after what some consider a disappointing Season 4. Will it be enough for disaffected fans to return to the DC Comics show they once loved? That’s hard to say with certainty, and any level success, but it is also likely that many were merely threatening and won’t follow through.

Will Arrow Season 5 surpass Season 4, and redeem a tainted show? Will it turn out to be the best season?

Leave your thoughts and opinions below.

[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]