‘Supernatural’ Producers Say Season 12 Will Reboot To Basics [Video]

Supernatural Season 12 is going to get a reboot and producers for the CW show are happy to give fans a “back to basics” makeover. There have been far too many seasons in recent years in which Supernatural has taken fans to extreme levels with the main characters, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Castiel, and Crowley.

Now that Supernatural has featured the biggest storylines that a show of its kind could possibly manage, it is going to reboot itself in Season 12 and give fans a welcome back party of sorts. For those who have been watching Supernatural from the beginning, then you know that Sam Winchester was quite a young man when he had decided that he did not want to be in the family business. But as fate would have it, they pulled him back in by circumstance as opposed to family loyalty.

Dean Winchester on the other hand was the menacing shadow of his father, and he did not want to do anything but kill demons and hunt the big-bads. Some might even say that Dean is the headliner for Supernatural, given his character is solely loyal to the cause of the hunter’s way.

Now that Supernatural has given fans the apocalypse (many times around), the Darkness, the Leviathans, Purgatory, the devil, the King of Hell, Lucifer, the angels, and God, there really is no other option here but to reboot and find some way for the show to reinvent itself, according to Variety. Supernatural is that little series that turned into the headlining show for the CW after it departed the WB following the merger.

At Comic-Con this year in San Diego, the Supernatural cast and producers took to the stage as they do every year and gave their fans some of the most rousing teases for Season 12 ever. Bob Singer (the producer, not the character Bobby Singer) was hyped to tell the audience that since Dean and Sammy got their mother back in Season 11, Season 12 is going to be that reboot that Supernatural fans having been waiting for.

But why a reboot for Supernatural, you might ask? Well, hardcore fans of Supernatural know that the hunter’s life chose them because their mother was burned to death by a demon (old yellow eyes) when Sam was just a little baby, and their dad devoted his and their lives to hunting down the menacing demon and destroying it.

Papa Winchester was able to deliver on his promise and even spare his boys in the process, but it cost him his life. Fans of Supernatural have been waiting for the return of John Winchester in a cameo in some random episode, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan is busy killing the good guys over on The Walking Dead these days. So that is not likely to happen anytime soon.

But Supernatural’s Bob Singer was happy to bring Momma Winchester (Mary) back from the dead and give the show and its fans some welcome news, which is to reboot it and bring back the basics. Now Sammy and Dean get to have their mother fighting alongside them.

“You don’t get bigger than God, we can’t top all that,” Bob Singer said at Comic-Con about Season 12 of Supernatural. “We’ve introduced the British Men of Letters, they’ll be part of what we’re doing. And we’ve still got Lucifer out there, so there’s a hunt for Lucifer.”

Singer was also quick to point out that Supernatural was going to start telling “smaller stories,” which he alluded to “some good old fashioned horror stories.” That means that Season 12 of Supernatural will not be chasing down the apocalypse or trying to put a “Darkness” back in the box. It will just be some great spine-chilling storytelling, like a good horror movie.

[Image via The CW]