‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Live Feeds Fight Between Bridgette Dunning, Michelle Meyer Shakes Up ‘BB18’ House, Did It Affect Veto Ceremony? [Spoilers]

Big Brother 18 spoilers from July 25 have already presented a lot of fireworks. The BB18 house is still buzzing after a fight on the live feeds between Michelle Meyer and Bridgette Dunning. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates states that a conversation started in the bathroom at about 10 a.m. PT as the two ladies began prepping for the day. It escalated from there, although it seemed as if Bridgette was trying to bridge a gap that had been growing between the two in recent weeks. It certainly gave the live feed subscribers a reason to keep watching.

Michelle has been upset at Bridgette for a while now, stating on Monday that she was still upset about a comment she was told Bridgette made about her eyebrows. Bridgette apologized numerous times about it, stating that she didn’t remember making any comments about Michelle’s eyebrows, but that she was sorry if it had taken place. Michelle begins acting like she would have never done something like this, stating that she had never insulted Bridgette on a personal level. That quote was reported specifically by Joker’s Updates a bit later in the conversation.

Taking a step back to address earlier Big Brother 18 spoilers from the summer, Michelle Meyer did indeed make quite a few “personal” jokes at the expense of Bridgette Dunning. Many of them had made their way back to Bridgette, and she starts presenting them to Michelle, who in turn starts to back down a little and admits that she had said quite a bit about Bridgette. Michelle then switched gears and started attacking Bridgette for hanging out with Tiffany Rousso in recent weeks. It was a clear tactic to derail the conversation.

Bridgette made a lot of good points during the fight, including how she had tried to approach Michelle about this at an earlier time. Bridgette also felt that Michelle was continuously saying things about her, and Michelle simply didn’t understand that she was trying to be there for Tiffany. This is true, as Bridgette had tried to console Tiffany during several crying sessions this summer.

There is a lot of this fight between Bridgette Dunning and Michelle Meyer that could be good for production during some of the future Big Brother 18 episodes as they keep referencing moments that happened earlier in the season. That should allow for a lot of flashback clips to be presented during the next few episodes, especially if it turns out that Bridgette is about to become the main target for eviction. The ladies continued arguing for quite a while, with no real resolution made in the end. It led right up to the Week 5 BB18 Veto ceremony.

Another report from Joker’s Updates relays the Big Brother 18 spoilers that will gain the most traction from July 25. A quick Veto ceremony took place in the BB18 house on Monday morning. As for who won the Veto competition this week, it was previously reported by the Inquisitr that Michelle Meyer had emerged as the winner. At the Veto ceremony, she then had the option to save either Frank Eudy or Bridgette Dunning from the block. Both houseguests had been hoping it would play out in their favor, with Frank continuously trying to convince Michelle to use it.

At the Veto ceremony, Michelle decided not to use the Veto, keeping the nominations that Head of Household James Huling made. Now Frank and Bridgette are up for eviction on the Thursday, July 28 episode of the show. As it currently stands in the BB18 house, Frank Eudy is nearly guaranteed to get evicted by a unanimous vote. Several different fights have been presented in recent Big Brother 18 spoilers, pointing toward him no longer having any real alliances outside of his relationship with Bridgette. Unless something huge changes, Frank is gone next.

[Image Via CBS Big Brother/Twitter]