Roger Ailes Running Donald Trump Campaign Rumors Circulate Again

Roger Ailes might not fade into the background just yet. Despite being fired from Fox News last week, there have been some rumblings, including from the candidate himself, that the former news chief might next run Donald Trump’s campaign.

Should this come to pass, it would certainly be a bit of a surprise for some Roger Ailes watchers who expected the executive to lay low. Taking on the campaign manager for Donald Trump is certainly not staying out of the public eye. The question now is whether or not the rumors have any veracity at all.

There had been rumblings since Trump came to the former CEO’s defense almost immediately after he was let go by Rupert Murdoch. Some might thing the GOP nominee was just going after Fox News viewers, but he seems to genuinely like Ailes.


During a recent interview with Chuck Todd, it was Donald Trump who said that “a lot of people think he’s going to run my campaign.” Politico reports that during the interview, while first saying he didn’t want to comment, he then went on to attack Roger Ailes’ accusers by claiming they were “complaining.”

“And when they write books that are fairly recently released, and they say wonderful things about him. And now all of a sudden they’re saying these horrible things about him. It’s very sad. Because he’s a very good person. I’ve always found him to be just a very, very good person.”

Trump said the above about the Fox News situation. It should be pointed out, Ailes has never been accused of sexually harassing any men he’s run across during his rather long tenure in the news industry. While he was asked specifically whether or not Trump was considering his good friend to help with the campaign, he wouldn’t answer the question or go into specifics.

Gawker points out the teaming up of the pair would be an interesting combo because the two men have had their differences over the last year. The Republican nominee for president spent a good part of his early campaign lashing out at Fox News.

The network had no qualms about fighting back, and it was assumed Ailes was the one leading the charge against the upset winner of the nomination. At the same time, there was a noticeable dropoff to the attacks the network launched against the GOP nominee at one point.

Trump might have hinted that he knew about Ailes problems all along. Those problems might have been one of the reasons Fox News eventually backed off. The New York businessman knew where the bodies were buried, and made it clear he wasn’t afraid to go public with their location.


Of course, if there was a bit of low-level blackmail, it would seem like the two men would not exactly want to be part of the same team. On the other hand, the Republican nominee has been holding himself up as the law and order candidate.

So far, he’s certainly said he wants to be the law and order candidate but hasn’t done much to illustrate how that would work. The former Fox News CEO has been in politics longer than most people can remember. He was the one who helped write Richard Nixon’s rather dark but stirring speech from the 1968 RNC.

“We see cities enveloped in smoke and flame. We hear sirens in the night. We see Americans dying on distant battlefields abroad. We see Americans hating each other; fighting each other; killing each other at home. And as we see and hear these things, millions of Americans cry out in anguish: Did we come all this way for this? Did American boys die in Normandy, and Korea, and in Valley Forge for this?”

Nixon said. If Roger Ailes and Donald Trump do team up, it would seem the two could do some damage. We’ll just have to wait and see if the rumors become reality.

[Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images]