‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’: Joseline Hernandez Feuding With Mimi Faust After Failing To Destroy Stevie J

Joseline Hernandez and Mimi Faust’s truce is now over. A recent Love & Hip Hop Atlanta sneak peek revealed that Joseline is going to confront Mimi in the upcoming episode and throw a drink in her face. It looks like Joseline isn’t pleased that her plan to use Mimi to get back at Stevie J backfired.

Mimi and Joseline haven’t seen each other since finding out that Joseline was lying about Stevie J having more babies in the episode where Promise B. Mae admitted she made the whole story up. When the two women do finally come face-to-face in episode 16, it gets pretty explosive.

In the clip, we see several of the LHHATL women sitting together during a listening party for Ariane. The mood is pretty tense, and when Dawn asks what is going on, Mimi tries to respond. That’s when Mimi responds to Joseline, calling her a “lying fake a** b***h” in one of the most unoriginal comebacks in history. Joseline responds by asking Mimi how she liked it when he stole Stevie J and then gave him right back when she was done with him. Before anyone could react, Joseline threw her drink in Mimi’s face.

The whole altercation stemmed from a meet-up earlier in the season when Joseline put on an Oscar-worthy performance and cried about how badly Stevie had hurt her. She told Mimi that he had fathered not just one but two children with two women while they were together. She went even further to claim that Stevie was currently paying child support for one of them.

It was in a later episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta that Joseline Hernandez admitted she had been lying left and right in an attempt to ruin Stevie J. That definitely didn’t go over well with Mimi, who had gone out of her way to speak with Joseline before allowing Stevie to move in with her temporarily while the former couple was separated.

Ever since learning of Joseline’s lies, the International Business Times reported that Mimi has been taking shots at Joseline on social media and in interviews. After Hernandez claimed that Stevie J had been molesting his daughter Eva, Mimi was quick to come to his defense.

She even posted a link to one of the articles written to disprove Joseline’s claims and captioned it, “At least some journalists are responsible enough to research the real story #WhenTwoNutBagsCollab.”

In a recent interview, Mimi Faust didn’t hold her tongue about Joseline and her recent web of lies. She referred to Stevie J’s ex as “Satan’s spawn.” It looks like there won’t be another reconciliation between Stevie’s these exes now.

Hernandez has been working hard to avoid actual physical altercations during Season 5 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. After some of the vicious fights she was involved in during previous seasons, some fans believe that Joseline has been told to keep her hands to herself or risk getting kicked off the VH1 reality show.

After coming face-to-face with Mimi Faust in the latest sneak peek, it looks like there might actually be a fight. Be sure to watch the latest LHHATL episode when it airs on Monday at 8/7c on VH1.

[Photo by Mark Ingram/Getty Images]