Bernie Sanders Supporter Rosario Dawson Criticizes Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders supporter Rosario Dawson has some harsh words about Hillary Clinton.

Appearing at an event before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, Rosario Dawson said Hillary Clinton is “not a leader. She is a follower,” according to the Associated Press.

“She follows public opinion on things,” Rosario Dawson said. She said Bernie Sanders supporters need to “stay strong on universal healthcare” and “stay strong on the Fight for 15” and all of the things the political revolution Bernie Sanders has laid out have been about.

“Our revolution is dependent on your time, your energy, your blood, sweat and tears,” Dawson said.

Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]

Rosario Dawson has been a longtime supporter of Bernie Sanders, and she has regularly criticized Hillary Clinton. Dawson said if the ideals laid out in the Democratic Party platform that Bernie Sanders helped shape aren’t followed, since the party platform is non-binding, then there will be civil disobedience.

All of that said, Bernie Sanders is still supporting Hillary Clinton as the presumptive nominee, as he believes the party needs to do whatever it can to defeat Donald Trump.

Rosario Dawson wasn’t the only dissenting celebrity voice appearing in Philadelphia. Susan Sarandon is also at the Democratic National Convention, and she told Young Turks host Jordan Chariton that she’s very upset with the recent news about Democratic leaders possibly working to prevent Bernie Sanders from being the candidate.

Sarandon said it was “so disgusting” that Democrats appeared to be opposing Bernie Sanders, and she said that Richard Nixon had to resign when it was discovered he was tampering with the election, but things may have changed, according to Mediaite.

Susan Sarandon said the fact we can learn about people trying to sway elections by reading about it on the internet is a great thing. Sarandon, like Rosario Dawson, pointed out that the person who wins the election isn’t as important as the movement Bernie Sanders has started, which can create change regardless of who’s president.

Democratic Party Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz will resign once the convention is over, after leaked emails seemed to show her and her colleagues speaking ill of Bernie Sanders and coordinating with corporate media companies to support Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders has repeatedly called on Schultz to resign, as he believed she was favoring Clinton during the whole primary.

Bernie Sanders supporters gather at City Hall in preparation to march through downtown on the first day of the Democratic National Convention [Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images]

The leaked emails from the Democratic Party were released by Wikileaks, and it is believed by some that a Russian hacker was the person who originally obtained them, according to CNN. The FBI is investigating the possible hack.

“The FBI is investigating a cyber intrusion involving the DNC and are working to determine the nature and scope of the matter,” the agency said in a statement. “A compromise of this nature is something we take very seriously, and the FBI will continue to investigate and hold accountable those who pose a threat in cyberspace.”

Donald Trump has praised Vladimir Putin, and he has said he won’t defend NATO allies against Russian attacks unless they’ve “fulfilled their obligation to us.” Putin has also praised Donald Trump. Some are wondering if Russia is using hackers to support Donald Trump.

The Democratic National Convention is expected to be contentious, as even though Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton, many of his supporters are not yet behind Clinton. Protests and rallies are planned during the convention, and Bernie Sanders is focusing on his message that Democrats need to do whatever they have to to defeat Donald Trump.

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