Tim Tebow Not Seeing Much Of The Field For The Jets

Tim Tebow looked good against the Pittsburgh Steelers when he had the ball, but, unfortunately for frustrated Jets fans, that was just once the entire game.

Tebow’s lone play on offense with the ball ended with the bruising quarterback running 22 yards through the Steelers defense. He never ran or threw the ball again the rest of the game, which the Jets lost 27-10.

The lack of plays for Tebow is starting to irk some Jets fans and confuse sportswriters. Though he wasn’t needed much in the Jets opening day rout of the Buffalo Bills, his absence on the field against the Steelers, a team he had just beaten in the playoffs a few months ago, was seen as curious move.

New York Daily News writer Hank Gola said that the Jets coaching staff “chickened out” by not using Tebow more.

Gola wrote:

“First off, you’ve got Sanchez, a rhythm quarterback, having been taken completely out of his rhythm by the Steelers’ press coverage. You’re looking for a “spark,” as [Jets head coach Rex] Ryan admitted, and now you seem to have it. Tebow runs for 22. Joe McKnight dances for 12. But as soon as Greene gets tripped up for a six-yard loss, you’re bringing Sanchez back into the game?”

“For what? He’s suddenly going to pick apart the Steelers’ secondary in a must-throw situation?”

But Gola noted that it was just how Jets coach Ryan justified it.

“Right now we think that Mark Sanchez gives us the best chance to be successful in that particular situation against that particular opponent,” Ryan said after the game. “Those are things that we’ll always look at. I believe Tim can pass. We’ll make the decision on when a guy is out there, not out there, or whatever.”

A line of questioning from reporters on why Tim Tebow wasn’t used more appeared to irk Rex Ryan, Newsday noted. He later added that his frustration wasn’t at all with Tebow.

“Look, I was all for bringing Tim Tebow in here, because I know what he does,” Ryan said, adding that “there will be more” of those impact plays for him as the season goes on. “I expect some big things in the future from Tim Tebow. I was upset with the loss. I’m not worried about a question about Tim Tebow.”