Watch Bernie Sanders Democratic Convention Speech Full Replay: What Did Sanders Say As Supporters Protested Clinton?

Bernie Sanders delivered his long-awaited Democratic National Convention speech Monday, as the convention waited anxiously to see not only what Sanders will say about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, but how his supporters will react to his speech after they loudly booed Sanders when he addressed them directly on Monday morning.

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On Monday morning in Philadelphia, Sanders addressed a gathering of hundreds of his backers, many of them delegates to the convention who expect to vote for Sanders when the official roll call vote is taken on Tuesday.

But when Sanders implored his followers to vote for Hillary Clinton rather than Donald Trump in the November general election, his own supporters responded with hostility.

“His words were immediately met with loud boos which lasted several seconds even as he tried to continue his speech,” The New York Times reported. “The senator then paused and waited for people to quiet down. But as he spoke many continued to loudly sigh and shake their heads.”

Watch a video replay of the full Bernie Sanders speech to his delegates and supporters Monday morning below.

So what will Bernie Sanders say when he addresses the full convention on Monday evening at a packed Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania? Apparently, no one will know until he actually delivers the speech, not even the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Asked in an interview on Monday whether the campaign had reviewed a text of the proposed Sanders remarks, Clinton campaign Chairman John Podesta said, “The short answer to that is that no, we have not.”

“We already saw what he’s going to say when he stood with her in New Hampshire, endorsed her, was full-throated, said this is a campaign that he wants to be involved with,” Podesta told the MSNBC Morning Joe program. “He wants to do everything he can to elect her and defeat Donald Trump, and that’s what we’re going to get tonight.”

To watch a full replay of the Bernie Sanders Democratic National Convention speech click on the video below.

So far, with the convention barely getting underway, Democrats and the Clinton campaign appear to have lost control of the narrative. Rather than celebrating nominee Hillary Clinton and focusing on what they say is the threat posed by Republican nominee Donald Trump, a large portion of media coverage has focused on the release of private Democratic National Committee emails by the information dumping site WikiLeaks and the forced resignation of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.


Wasserman Schultz, who will not be permitted the traditional role of the DNC chair to gavel in the start of the convention on Monday, spoke to Democratic delegates from her home state of Florida; a delegation consisting of both Clinton and Sanders supporters. She was greeted with more boos and heckling from the Sanders backers in the assembly.

“We know that the voices in this room that are standing up and being disruptive, we know that is not the Florida we know,” Wasserman Schulz said, responding to the heckling. “The Florida we know is united.”

But is it? And will the Democratic convention be united when Bernie Sanders speaks in his live stream address on Monday night?

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