WWE News: Cesaro’s Post-WWE Draft Comments May Have Landed Him A Push In WWE

WWE Superstar Cesaro has become one of the most well-liked wrestlers in the company over the past few years. Many knew him dating back to his work on the independent scene, but the casual WWE audience was introduced to him when he arrived there. It is cool to see how well he does with WWE. The sad part is that despite how good he has become, he has not been given a chance to shine at the top of the card where many believe he belongs alongside the likes of Seth Rollins and John Cena.

Cesaro has proven that he can wrestle well and that he can get over with WWE fans. He also has tremendous value with WWE due to the fact that he speaks five languages fluently. Most felt that with the brand split, Cesaro could stand out far better as the rosters would split evenly and he would most likely end up seeing the top of the card much faster. However, the brand split took him to WWE RAW. RAW clearly had the roster stacked in its favor, and everyone can see that.

With Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, and now Finn Balor on the card, Cesaro still seems to be out of the mix when you think of possible main eventers for his brand. He also does not fit with the RAW product and let his opinion be known when he was drafted. He went off on the fact that RAW was about the GM Mick Foley and Commissioner Stephanie McMahon while SmackDown was the wrestling show, and he would probably be better used there.

Cesaro crossface [image via WWE]According to Daily Wrestling News, the rant by Cesaro did pick up some heat for him backstage as everyone expected it would. The heat is said to be kind of mild, so it is nothing much to worry about. His comments about the brands were unscripted like everyone else’s comments that night, which is why WWE probably had a bit of an issue with what he had to say. In reality, the comments made by Cesaro may have been a good career move on his part.

It is being said that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon respects guys who speak their mind and has given opportunities to people because of them. Take CM Punk as just one example of this. He went off on WWE in what was known as the “pipebomb promo” on a random WWE RAW in Las Vegas back in the summer of 2011. No one knew he would WWE would react to it all. Clearly, McMahon could pull the plug at any time with Punk but let him talk a lot before having to cut him off.

McMahon gave Punk multiple opportunities after this and even allowed him to have a 434 day WWE Championship reign, the longest in the modern era. It was a huge accomplishment, but who knows if he would have even been with WWE had he not said what he said. He was almost out of the door before WWE came back with a big offer to keep him around. He did eventually leave, but he became a huge star after speaking out.

Cesaro fans [image via WWE]Cesaro is not quite the mic worker that Punk is by any means, but he is one heck of a wrestler who can put on good matches with literally anyone. This is commendable, and WWE knows they can rely on him every single night. This is not something every man can do.

He was also blessed with a good look that WWE loves to use too. Does this mean a possible World Title run? That is unknown. However, we should expect to see WWE giving him a few opportunities to prove himself. If McMahon likes what he sees, Cesaro could become a top star for the WWE RAW brand like he easily would have been for the WWE SmackDown brand had he been drafted to Tuesday night over Monday night.

[image via WWE]