Another Email Scandal Under Hillary Clinton’s Belt?

What’s the deal with Hillary Clinton and email? That’s the question The Atlantic and many other people are asking in the wake of yet another email fiasco connected to the presidential hopeful.

Not long ago, Hillary Clinton very nearly destroyed her own credibility, thanks in part to her use of an email system that was insecure during her time in service as Secretary of State. Now, she’s trying to dodge the rogue email bullet yet again. It seems the presidential nominee, vying for her place as the 45th president of the United States, is connected to yet another electronic issue, this time regarding the Democratic National Committee.

There were approximately 20,000 Democratic National Committee emails publicized by WikiLeaks on the night of Hillary’s nominating convention. Large numbers of those publicized emails contain slanderous statements, where Democratic party employees criticized Bernie Sanders and mocked him throughout his primary campaign against Hillary.

Of course, it is unconfirmed whether or not the emails are authentic, but it hasn’t stopped the media firestorm from getting underway.

This most recent email scandal will put Hillary’s ability to unify the party in jeopardy. Given her already shaky credibility where electronic communications are concerned, it’s understandable that the party is facing some heat over the vast number of anti-Bernie correspondences that took place via email among party staffers. In fact, some believe that the slanderous correspondence creates a very loud and overwhelming impression that the Democratic National Committee has routinely violated its oath of neutrality.

The reason this email story is making headlines is because the behavior has established a pattern. In fact, this pattern dates back decades and seems to point to the Clinton’s “win at all costs” reputation.

The scandal has resulted in the resignation of Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Her resignation will take effect later this week. As Wasserman Schultz faces fallout from the scandal, it is evident that the Clinton campaign is planning to use her resignation as a way to buffer the controversy.

Bernie Sanders and his staff members have complained both publicly and privately for many months that the Democratic National Committee was out to get them. Of course, Clinton’s camp denied the allegation. But now, in light of this email scandal, Bernie Sanders’ team has already said that “we told you so.”

Sanders campaign staffer Rania Batrice told ABC News, “Everything our fans have been saying—and they were beaten down for and called conspiracy theorists—and now it’s in black and white.

Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, claims that the email leaks are a part of a Russian effort to aid Donald Trump in his campaign. Supposedly, the Russians have hacked the Democratic National Committee. However, there is no solid evidence that Russia is trying to aid the Republican presidential efforts. Many people are criticizing this perspective and response, especially given Clinton’s prior exposure of the United States’ secrets through the use of an email system that was in direct violation of administration policy.

One thing is for certain: Yet another email scandal certainly won’t improve Hillary Clinton’s level of credibility with voters as she heads into the presidential election. It remains to be seen how Donald Trump’s campaign will utilize this information and the resignation of the Democratic National Committee’s chairwoman to promote his campaign.

[Photo by Bloomberg/Getty Images]