The ‘100 Coats’ Challenge Goes From Nail Polish To Eye Liner To Lipstick And Beyond

The “100 coats” challenge is in full swing on social media, which began when a YouTube star took on a challenge of painting 116 layers of nail polish on her nails. As reported by The Inquisitr, that #PolishMountain challenge went viral when beauty vlogger Christine Rotenberg took hours to paint the 116 layers of polish on during one sitting.

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In the wake of the video going viral — which was titled “100+ Coats of Nail Polish | #POLISHMOUNTAIN” — lots of similar videos appeared on social medial, with women also taking up the challenge to paint at least 100 coats of nail polish on their nails. A variety of photos and videos can be seen across social networking sites that display all sorts of nail polish colors piled atop others.

Some beauty fiends who undertook the challenge decided to take the “100 coats” challenge well beyond nail polish and onto other cosmetic items. As seen in the Instagram photos and videos posted under the #100coats hashtag, at least 190 posts appear as of this writing that display all the creative ways people are displaying their results of 100 coats of beauty products piled onto their faces or hands.

As reported by Buzz Feed, YouTube star Jenna Marbles took the “100 coats” challenge to whole new level by chooses to apply lots of layers of eyelashes, lipstick, hair spray — and even spray tan. Jenna discovered that not all of the eyelashes would fit on her eyes, so she decided to place 50 eyelashes on each eye, calling the monstrosity caterpillars on her eyes.

According to Marbles’ viral video, the first thing Jenna washed off was the spray tan. Jenna updated her viewers after applying several layers of makeup, saying that her face felt gross from all the of layers of cosmetics.

The video, titled “Ultimate 100 Coats of Things Video” has swelled to nearly five million views on YouTube since it was uploaded on July 21.

As seen in the below photo, 100 coats of mascara can appear pretty clumpy when placed on a person’s eyelashes all at once. The 100 coats of mascara challenge also looks somewhat dangerous in the way that the clumps of fallen mascara appear on the person’s face who chooses to brave such a challenge.

Whereas Jenna focused on placing 100 coats of many different cosmetics on her face and body, others posting photos and videos of their own “100 coats” challenge show the content creators focusing on one specific beauty product. Such are photos like the one below, which shows 200 coats of liquid lipstick piled on a person’s lips.

The below photo shows what it’s like to have 100 coats of highlighter placed on a person’s cheek. Many of the folks who create their own “100 coats” challenge videos and photos feature them reporting what a mess can be made from trying to apply 100 coats of anything to their faces.

Meanwhile, some of the reactions to Jenna’s viral video can be read in comments below, as they appear on social media.

“I hope someone’s eyelashes fall off putting on 100 coats of mascara.”

“If you haven’t seen Jenna Marbles’ ‘Ultimate 100 Coats of Things’ video then you haven’t lived.”

“Lol people can do 100+++ coats of Kylie Jenner’s liquid lipsticks and waste it like that, when I can’t even get one.”

“The whole 100 coats challenge is such a waste of product.”

“Dang it someone already did 100 coats of dipbrow :(”

“100 coats of eye infection.”

“I’ve watched the Jenna Marbles 100 coats of things video five times now and I love it so much.”

“Why would you spend money on makeup just to sit down and apply 100 coats of it on your face?? Think about your pores?? YOUR MONEY?? SMH.”

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