10-Year-Old Boy Brutally Murdered By Workmates In Bangladesh: High-Pressure Nozzle Was Inserted Into His Rectum

A 10-year-old boy, Sagar Barman, has been brutally murdered by his workmates in a textiles factory in Bangladesh. Police in Narayanganj, Bangladesh, said the young boy died when other workers inserted a high-pressure nozzle into his rectum and activated it, according to the BBC.

At this stage, police do not know why the heinous act took place in the spinning mill where Barman worked in Bangladesh, but the death is similar to a case in 2015.


Last year, a 13-year-old boy in Khulna was killed in the same horrifying way in a vehicle workshop. Rakib Hawlader died in August last year after air was pumped into his body through his rectum in retaliation for leaving his job.

The mechanic, Mohammad Sharif, and his assistant, Mohammad Mintu, were sentenced to death for torturing their 13-year-old former employee to death with an air compressor used for inflating tyres. Police said Mohammad Sharif became enraged after the boy quit the workshop for another job. During the violent attack, Mohammad Sharif inserted the compressor tube into Rakib Hawlader’s rectum and switched on the machine. Rakib Hawlader died in the same way the 10-year-old boy Sagar Barman was brutally murdered on Sunday.

Mohammad Sharif and his assistant were both sentenced to death over the case, which sparked large protests across the city.

“The Metropolitan Sessions Court sentenced Sharif and his assistant Mohammad Mintu to death for the murder of Rakib,” prosecutor Sultana Rahman said.

These two murders of young boys are not the only cases reported over the past few years. Violent deaths such as these are happening to young exploited boys working in textile factories all across South Asia, one of the worst was caught on camera, and the brutal video footage went viral, according to the ABC.

A 13-year-old boy, Samiul Alam Rajon, was attacked for over 28 minutes and can be heard pleading for his life as he was brutally beaten by up to 10 men. The crime he committed? Apparently, stealing a bicycle that was tied to a pole. The horrifying video gained national attention that prompted street protests and a demand for the perpetrators to be hanged.


In the horrific video, the young teenager can be heard screaming in pain and repeating, “Please don’t beat me like this, I will die.”

At one stage during the video, it seems the beating has come to an end and Samiul Alam Rajon is told to walk away. But as he tries to get to his feet, one of the attackers shouts.

“His bones are OK. Beat him some more.”

Ten men were found guilty and four men were sentenced to death for the lynching of 13-year-old Samiul Alam Rajon, a verdict that sparked cheers from hundreds of people gathered outside the courtroom, and across the world.

“We’re happy with the judgement. Samiul’s parents are satisfied,” Shahidul Islam, a lawyer representing his family, said after the Metropolitan Sessions Court’s decision.

“I am sure the verdict will send a powerful message to all those child beaters and molesters.”


The main perpetrator, Kamrul Islam, was sentenced to death, and three other men were given the same sentence, one of them in absence after going on the run. Kamrul Islam also fled to Saudi Arabia after the attack, but he was later arrested and extradited. Kamrul Islam’s lawyer, who remained anonymous, tried to get Kamrul Islam off arguing he did not intend to murder the boy.

“He did not deserve death as he did not have any intention to kill the boy,.”

These attacks are part of a string of violence and exploitation surging across Bangladesh that is part of a bigger issue. Child labor is common in Bangladesh with many young children forced to work in unofficial garment factories, often in harsh conditions and with very little pay.

[Photo by NurPhoto/Getty Images]