‘Supernatural’ Season 12 Spoilers: Showrunners Confirm Lucifer Will Get A New Face

Supernatural Season 12 will see Lucifer get a new face. Showrunners Robert Singer and Andrew Dabb confirmed this at San Diego Comic-Con and even shared the man who has got the role.

Rick Springfield will take on the iconic Supernatural role, as Lucifer decides that he needs to have some fun with his new vessel. He will reportedly try a few vessels and find that Springfield’s character suits him for now. Springfield will play a version of himself: a rock star who goes by the name of Vince Vicente.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the character on Supernatural Season 12 will be a “washed up rock star” and will be in the first few episodes. The good news is Springfield has proven his acting abilities in the past, so will be a great addition to the cast. He has previously been seen on The Flash and True Detective. Dabb said that this is good news for the role, as most real rock stars can’t act well enough for the role.

Lucifer is a role that needs an excellent actor. Mark Pelligrino made the role his own back in Supernatural Season 5 and Misha Collins perfectly imitated his actions last season. Now it is time for Springfield to show what he can do with the role.

Fans will remember that the fallen archangel was last expelled from Castiel’s body. Nobody knew where he went, and he wasn’t mentioned much after Castiel returned; there was too much going on with God and Amara. Now that Amara is no longer trying to destroy the world her brother created, the focus can be returned on Lucifer and how to get him back in the cage.

This is also a possibility to bring Michael and Adam back into the show. One thing that has annoyed the Supernatural Family more than anything is that Adam has been completely forgotten about. He isn’t even mentioned, except for in the odd meta episode. The last time he was mentioned was in the 200th episode during the episode’s Supernatural stage production at the very end.

Lucifer getting a new face for Supernatural Season 12 wasn’t the only news fans got at the latest San Diego Comic-Con panel. Fans got to see a preview of the season, seeing just how it is going to kick off. As with any season of Supernatural Season 12 will pick up where Season 11 left off. Dean will be in the graveyard with his mother, who was brought back from the dead as a thank you present from Amara. Fans were shocked but happy at the ending and couldn’t help but note that she was in the same nightgown that she was killed in.

There were also clips of Sam Winchester being tortured by the Men of Letters, answering the questions over that shot right at the end of the season. Yes, Sam is still alive, but will he remain safe? It does look like Dean will go to save his brother at some point, only to end up at gun point. Will Mary somehow be able to save her boys, or will God and Amara have to step in to help?

The Season 12 blooper reel was also shared during the panel, which fans were excited to see. In fact, fans were so excited by it that the sound from the blooper reel couldn’t be heard. Like all other seasons, the blooper reel will likely be on the Supernatural Season 11 DVD set.

Supernatural Season 12 will return to screen on Thursday, October 13 on the CW network. It airs on the new night of Thursday, following Legends of Tomorrow.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]