’24: Legacy’ Comic-Con 2016: Creators Tease At Possible Cameos For Jack And Chloe

24: Legacy will not be a reboot to one of Fox’s most popular TV shows of all time, 24, but rather, an expansion of the series’ universe, which also includes 24:Live Another Day. 24: Legacy Executive Producer, Manny Coto spoke during Comic-Con 2016 further revealing that the show could actually include an “intersection” with original characters of the series, Deadline reported. “It is not a reboot, it is an expansion of the 24universe; Jack and Chloe are still out there,” said Coto.

Warning: Potential spoilers ahead.

24: Legacy first trailer was released in May this year, and among the cast were some of the top names that have been cast in popular serial drama and action thriller shows including Miranda Otto from Homeland, who reprises the role Rebecca Ingram, the former head of the now revived Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) in Los Angeles.


While the showrunners have indicated that 24: Legacy will not be a reboot to 24, the setting is pretty much the same with the 24-hour clock still counting down after being reset. The show also features various terror-related missions with Corey Howkins (Straight Outta Compton and The Walking Dead) taking the lead role of Eric Carter, a war hero who also seems to have created several enemies during his time in the U.S. forces.

The creators of 24: Legacy hinted that Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) and Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub), both 24 and 24: Die Another Day, could feature at some point in the new series in what they termed as an “intersection of characters down the line.”

This means that they could both be given cameo appearances when events align perfectly as the show creators continue to search for the perfect way to end the Jack Bauer character in the 24 series universe.

Based on the comments of Coto and Evan Kats during Comic-Con 2016, it appears as though it would be difficult to kill off the character of Jack Bauer in the 24 universe without literally doing it in the show. Bauer has always appeared to be somewhat immortal given his many encounters with death in the past 11 seasons of the 24 universe (10 seasons of 24 and one season of 24: Live Another Day, set in London).

As such, it would be interesting to see how 24: Legacy showrunners eventually manage to get the Jack Bauer character off the scenes without contradicting the theme demonstrated in the last 11 seasons of the show, including its affiliate spin-off. Does Jack become the villain in order to die? It will be interesting to see what happens.

Nonetheless, 24: Legacy showrunners didn’t want to disclose much about the potential return of the two characters with Coto saying “you never know when those worlds will intersect.”

24: Legacy also features notable serial drama actors including Jimmy Smits, from Dexter, The West Wing, and Sons of Anarchy, reprising the role of senator John Donovan, who is also running to become the President of The United States. He is joined by Teddy Sears, Masters of Sex and The Flash, reprising the role of Keith Mullins, the ambitious and driven head of CTU, who previously worked under Rebecca while State of Affairs actress, Sheila Vand plays the role of Nilaa, the campaign director of Senator John Donovan.

The show will be created and executively produced by some of the best crime and drama series producers led by Manny Coto and Evan Katz, both from 24 and 24: Live Another Day, with Kiefer Sutherland, Howard Gordon- also series creator, Brian Grazer (Changeling and Rush), and Stephen Hopkins (Californication and Race) joining in.

In summary, with Kiefer Sutherland returning to our screens this fall in the American Political drama, Designated Survivor, it is hard to see how he could feature in a major way on 24: Legacy.

24: Legacy has a promotional tag-line of “New Day. New Hero” which clearly lays out the way forward for the spin-off series. The Showrunners had hoped to complete Jack Bauers story in 24: Live Another Day but now, it appears as though it would be hard to avoid a character crossover down the line.

[Image via Fox Network]