Mysterious Booms Rattle California Town And Residents Want Answers [Video]

Alhambra, California, residents have been dealing with mysterious booms coming from the sky for most of 2016. Since the middle of February, residents have been reporting the mysterious booms to anyone who will listen, but so far nobody has been able to come up with a logical (or even illogical) explanation for the pervasive sounds. The mysterious booms are so loud, reports Mysterious Universe, that residents don’t know if they are coming from above or have something to do with seismic activity below.

According to at least one local resident, Susan Saunders, says that the mysterious, window-rattling booms are reminiscent of fireworks, bombs, or other explosives. The only problem? There has been no evidence of any such explosions occurring. So far, the mysterious booms seem to be coming from an invisible source.

“No one has seen the cause of the booms, smelled it or found remnants of fireworks, and the calls we get don’t have enough specificity for us to find the source.”

Mark Yokoyama, the local City Manager, says that nearly 115 calls related to the mysterious booms have been made to the Alhambra Police Department since February 15. While no source of the booms has been determined, the majority of the calls have come from the northeast corner of Alhambra. Nobody yet knows if the concentration of calls regarding the mysterious booms is related to correlation or causation. It’s possible that they are simply heard more commonly in that area of the city, and may not have anything to do with the location of the origin of the booms.


In addition to looking into the locations of the mysterious booms, Alhambra director of administrative services Christopher Paulson has gotten in touch with Los Angeles officials and local construction companies in an attempt to pin down the source of the booms. The City of Alhambra is less than 10 miles from Los Angeles, but neither L.A. city workers nor local Alhambra construction professionals have reported any kind of activity that would adequately explain the mysterious booms that so many residents of the California city have been hearing for months now.

Investigators trying to determine the cause of the mysterious booms have been using all equipment at their disposal to try to get to the bottom of the perplexing mystery. California, one of the most seismically active locations in the world, is home to some incredibly high-tech and sensitive seismic detection equipment. According to the California Institute of Technology, the equipment used by the state is sensitive enough to pick up fireworks and thunder. However, despite over 100 reports of mysterious booms in town, none of the window-rattling occurrences resulted in seismic recordings.


Reports of the mysterious booms are actively investigated by law enforcement. Local officials send police officers to the scene of reported booms to look into claims and interview witnesses, but so far authorities haven’t recovered any noteworthy physical evidence following the reports of mysterious booms.

“Police will go out to the location where the caller is and they don’t see any evidence. There’s no damage. There’s no destruction. There’s no injury. There’s no smoke. There’s no flame. There’s no kids or transients running away from the scene of anything. It’s just the loud noise.”

Even though authorities have found no explanation for the mysterious booms, and in many cases no proof that a boom occurred aside from the claims of distraught local residents, city officials do believe that the phenomenon is real. Part of the reason for such faith in the reports of local citizens is that city council members in the California town actually witnessed the mysterious booms for themselves. In February, around the time the mysterious booms began terrorizing Alhambra, a boom rocked the night following a meeting of city leaders, all of whom heard the inexplicable, unexplained noise for themselves.

On average, the mysterious booms have been heard in town about 20 or so times every month since February.


Alhambra isn’t the only place in America or around the world where residents have been plagued by unexplained noises from the sky. The occurrences have been reported throughout California, across the nation and around the globe. Some people believe that the booms could be the sounds of mysterious underground bases, tunnels or even entire subterranean cities. Others think that the booms have religious roots, such as the trumpeting of angels. A few think that the mysterious booms could be associated with UFOs or extraterrestrials. Still others think that they have a mundane and natural explanation.

What do you think? Is there some kind of reasonable, natural explanation for the mysterious California booms, or could they be paranormal?

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