Romney Camp On Offensive, Rejiggering Message As Reports Of Campaign Disarray Denied

Last night, a story over on Politico alleging that Mitt Romney’s campaign was in disarray and that even staunch supporters of the candidate doubted his chances at election victory began pinging around the blogosphere.

Disbelief that Mitt Romney has a shot at the White House has increased in recent weeks as the GOP contender has made a series of high-profile missteps, along with his campaign. After an unscripted and shocking showing at the RNC from Clint Eastwood in which the Hollywood actor ranted for several minutes at an empty chair representing President Obama, Romney was caught out on foreign policy last week when he issued an ill-considered and some said amateurish response to the attacks on US consulates in Libya and Egypt.

But the Romney campaign denies buzz that their message is inconsistent and the effort is failing — and Romney’s people hit back hard Monday after the scathing weekend piece that cast the election bid in a negative and bumbling light.

Romney senior advisor Ed Gillespie went on the offensive about the campaign’s success, attacking the President’s public approval ratings and claiming that the post-convention bounce following a fired-up DNC was all but gone:

“The post-convention bounce has faded already and is fading for the president … If you look at polling for Romney swing states around the country we’re looking at a dead heat virtually everywhere in the target states.”

romney campaign disarray

Notably, lack of faith in Romney even among Republicans seems a bit high — one unnamed congressional page said that the candidate’s weak RNC showing left many swing voters unmoved by Romney’s supposed plans to move America forward:

“People are concerned. They figured that he would use the convention to explain what a Romney administration would look like. But he didn’t do it.”

Do you think the Romney campaign is suffering from a lack of cohesive message?