Tamara Sytch, Former WWE Star, Arrested 3 Times In 3 Days For Domestic Violence

Authorities in Connecticut say former WWE star Tamara Sytch is headed to rehab after she was arrested three times last week on domestic violence complaints.

According to WFSB News, Sytch, who is known to wrestling fans in Connecticut and the world as “Sunny,” appeared in court Friday for three separate incidents in which she allegedly harassed her boyfriend, Damien Darling. During one of the incidents, the 39-year-old former wrestler put Darling in a headlock and pulled his hair, police said.

The NY Daily News reports that Sytch was arrested for the first time on September 11 and charged with disorderly conduct. She was arraigned and released the following day and warned not to return to Darling’s home.

Ignoring the warnings, Sytch was arrested again just hours after her release for disorderly conduct. This time though, a charge of third-degree strangulation and violation of a protective order were added to her list of charges. Sytch was held on a $25,000 bond and released Thursday.

Sytch was arrested for the third time at 8 pm Thursday night, again for violating a protective order.

WFSB reports that following her third arrest, Sytch was arraigned in New Haven Superior Court and released to her sister, Denise Stone, who said in court she was taking her to a New Jersey rehab center.

“There’s a bed waiting for her today,” said Sytch’s sister, Denise Stone, in court Friday.

The WWE says Sytch was last under its contract in 1998. It says it’s paid for three rehabilitation stints for her and will continue to provide assistance if she wants it.

WFSB Channel 3 has more on Tamara Sytch’s domestic violence arrests in the following video: