More Bernie Sanders DNC Leaked Emails Coming Soon? Presumed Convention Outcome Could Change

Will there be a surprise twist at the DNC on July 25 with the leadership of the convention resigning along with Hillary Clinton conceding to Bernie Sanders? This prediction might not be so difficult to believe now that WikiLeaks has dumped almost 20,000 emails from DNC leaders — some of which are construed as anti-Bernie Sanders — and there may be more released by WikiLeaks in the near future.

Since their release on July 22, Bernie Sanders and the DNC leaked emails from WikiLeaks have America talking. Also, some #NeverHillary fans are feeling justified about their previous accusations that the leadership of the Democratic National Convention is corrupt, and this corruption explains why Bernie Sanders was not chosen over Hillary Clinton.

When the DNC leaks were revealed, a report from Washington Post stated the following.

“DNC and Clinton campaign did not respond to a request for comment Friday as reporters and campaign staff began to assess the situation.”

While the DNC and Clinton campaign are figuring out their next move, The Hill highlights that the system was rigged against Bernie Sanders because of an email from the DNC leaks where the chair of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, stated in May that Bernie Sanders “isn’t going to be president.”

Bernie Sanders never conceded to Hillary Clinton and this can be important for the DNC

Observer adds to this by stating that “the WikiLeaks and Guccifer 2.0 leaks are the perfect end to a Democratic primary that undermined democracy at every possible opportunity while maintaining plausible deniability.”

Along with Bernie Sanders fans demanding justice after the DNC leaks, Donald Trump fans are sending their condolences. On Twitter, one Donald Trump supporter stated that “seeing the #DNCleak of the DNCs disgraceful corruption against Bernie Sanders p***** me off! Rigged!”

Jill Stein of the Green Party tweeted, “The #DNCleak emails are the smoking gun that the Democratic establishment rigged the primary against Bernie Sanders.”

Bernie Sanders fans feel justified now that the DNC emails have been leaked

The DNC leaks are significant since the emails were released days before the Democratic National Convention, and there was already trouble among the attendants. For example, some Bernie Sanders fans were already planning an “intervention” during the DNC, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Around July 18, Alternet stated that some Bernie Sanders fans were planning a protest during Hillary Clinton’s speech at the DNC. Occupy DNC has stated they have plans to sway superdelegates, according to AMNY. Twitter has also had several posts tagged with #DNCWalkout or #DemExit before the DNC leaks emerged.

Furthermore, Sane Progressive and other Bernie Sanders fans have focused on the fact that more of these emails from DNC leadership will be revealed. In particular, a July 22 Twitter post from WikiLeaks said the 20,000 DNC emails are a “series” and this has led some Bernie Sanders fans to assume there will be more.

Now that it has been established that the DNC leaked emails give evidence that the DNC leadership is corrupt, Bernie Sanders fans are waiting with bated breath.

Timing is everything, and some Bernie Sanders supporters were already expecting surprise developments between July 25 and 28 when the DNC takes place. Regardless, the DNC leaks might change those plans over the weekend.

For example, one idea about the DNC before the WikiLeaks reveal was that Bernie Sanders might still become the presidential nominee because he may have said he would show support to Hillary Clinton to defeat Donald Trump, but never officially conceded or dropped out.

Unfortunately, if the Democratic National Committee does not address this corruption, the situation could backfire, and the backlash could send voters away from the Democrats toward the Republicans or Jill Stein of the Green Party.

Despite this, Bernie Sanders has been very vocal about the fact that his supporters should eschew any idea of voting for Donald Trump. Bernie Sanders also said in a July 6 interview with Wolf Blitzer that it was important not to “lambaste” Hillary Clinton because the Republicans could use that to attack her in support of Donald Trump.

[Photo by Andrew Harnick/AP Images]