‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Genie Francis Gives Stellar Performance, Will Laura Be Able To Save Kevin’s Life?

Most longtime General Hospital viewers remember actress Genie Francis in her portrayal of a young Laura Webber just starting out on daytime TV. She has been off and on over the years, but she is now back and has delivered quite the drama this past week. The chaos on Cassadine Island has gotten even more intense.

Laura is just one of the hostages on the creepy island where things are in total chaos with her son Nikolas presumed dead and another person close to her in peril as well. On Friday’s cliffhanger on General Hospital, Kevin Collins was shot trying to save Laura’s life when Valentin Cassadine aimed his gun at her intending to kill her. Kevin jumped in front of her and got shot instead, as reported by Soaps She Knows.

Right before that happened on General Hospital, Laura was on a rampage and Genie Francis delivered it like the pro that she is. It’s like having the old Laura Spencer back. Once Ava told her that Nik was shot by Valentin and then fell through the window, Laura had had enough with the Cassadines. Her anger towards this family got the best of her and she let this new member of the family have it.

The Spencer family has wrestled with Helena Cassadine and the rest of her evil relatives for many years on General Hospital and the only good thing that has come out of it was her son Nikolas. Once she found out that she has lost him, all of her emotions seemed to come out and Valentin got an earful as she screamed at him.

“You say you hate the Cassadines because they wouldn’t acknowledge you, but look at you! You are just like them. Mikkos would be proud. My son wasn’t. He was different. He was a good man. He would have welcomed you into his family with open arms, but you didn’t want that.”

She went on to tell him that all he wanted was money, blood, and power, which is pretty much what all of the Cassadines want at some point. It seems that Laura has had enough of the curses, the mayhem, and the destruction that this family stands for. She went on to tell Valentin that since he took her son from her, he should take her, too.

“I will never cooperate with you! Never, never! You took my son damn you, and you might as well kill me too!”

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Unfortunately, that is exactly what he decided to do. The General Hospital spoilers were right when they said that this new Cassadine would be even worse than Helena. Even she was fearful of this one. Valentin had no problem pointing the gun at Laura and firing.

This is when Kevin Collins unexpectedly decided to jump in front of Laura. At the end of Friday’s General Hospital, Kevin was lying on the ground leaving Laura horrified and shocked that he took the bullet for her. Will Kevin survive this ordeal?

There doesn’t seem to be a doctor on the island so Laura will have to improvise to keep him alive until he can get medical treatment at the hospital. According to spoilers by TV Source Magazine for what is coming up next week, there are people arriving on Cassadine Island. A woman shows up with a little girl, and spoilers say that she could either be Jason’s child or possibly Lulu’s daughter. Speaking of Lulu, she has just stumbled upon human remains down in the tunnels where she is trying to escape. Who do they belong to?

This week should see who happens to escape this chaos and if Kevin Collins survives this ordeal. If he does, he and Laura can get on with their budding romance.

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