Panda Cub Born At National Zoo

A baby panda cub was born this weekend at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

According to a press release, Giant Panda Mei Xang had her cub at about 10:45 pm on Sunday night. It is Mei Xang’s second cub. Her first, Tai Shan, was born five years ago.

Chief veterinarian Suzan Murray:

“Mei Xiang is behaving exactly the same way she did when Tai Shan was born. She is cradling her cub closely , and she looks so tired, but every time she tries to lay down, the cub squawks and she sits right up and cradles the cub more closely. She is the poster child for a perfect panda mom.”

The zoo said that it believes Mei Xiang only had one cub last night. Zoo officials are monitoring the two pandas on several cameras placed around the habitat. It will be at least a week, according to the NY Post, until Mei Xiang and her new cub emerge from their den. The zoo reports that Mei Xiag didn’t leave Tai Shan’s side until she was about two weeks old.

The National Zoo is hoping that Mei Xiang will raise the cub naturally and with little interference from the zoo.

[The photo above is of a panda cub that was recently born at a zoo in San Diego.]