Buffalo’s new offense lead to win

Buffalo is running a new offense this year. It is a no huddle, hurry up offense designed to keep defense off guard. In all reality it is a throw back system to the Buffalo Bills glory days. Back then QB Jim Kelly ran a K-Gun offense that lead this team to four straight Super Bowl appearances.

Of course Bill’s head coach, Dick Jauron is asking a lot of his squad this year. His offensive unit features two just drafted Offensive lineman in Eric Wood, and Andy Levitre. Wood played center in College, but the Bills have both of these players playing guard.

In the first pre-season game against the Tennessee Titans both of these players seemed over matched, but through the miracles of training camp last night against the Chicago Bears they appeared to have improved. The Bills were bale to beat the Bears 27-20.

Of course the Bears made a big off season move in accruing starting QB Jay Cutler from the Denver Broncos. The hope there was Cutler would turn the Bears into a pass happy team cruising to a NFC North division title, after an inconsistent debut that may not be the case.

The Bills however are now rolling, even without star WR Terrell Owens. Owens sat this game out due to a toe injury, but his QB was able to go 10-0 for 79 yards. Many have called for the Bills to improve their 7-9 record of a year ago and make the NFL playoffs in 2009. With a new offense that seems to be clicking, even in a tough division the Bills could make a big run towards the playoffs.