Bernie Sanders Responds To Trump Suggestion That Sanders Supporters Will Flock To Him [Video]

During his Republican presidential nomination acceptance speech, Donald Trump claimed that former Bernie Sanders supporters will flock to him and the Republican Party in the wake of Bernie Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Trump was shockingly respectable regarding Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders as he stood on and spoke from the Cleveland RNC stage, but Sanders was having none of it. In fact, Bernie Sanders was the top tweeter during Trump’s speech, a speech that Time reports raised some Sanders hackles.

During the RNC speech, Trump claimed that former Bernie Sanders supporters would “join the Trump movement,” because Trump has the drive and power to address Sanders’ issues regarding the governing of the United States.

“I have seen firsthand how the system is rigged against our citizens, just like it was rigged against Bernie Sanders. He never had a chance. But his supporters will join our movement, because we will fix his biggest issue.”

According to Republican nominee Trump, he expects Bernie Sanders supporters within the Dems to flock to the Republican Party by the millions. Sanders’ tweets indicate that he doesn’t see things from Trump’s point of view. Not at all.

Bernie Sanders continued his tweet-fest by calling out Donald Trump’s political platform, declaring that the Republican nominee would be a disaster for women’s health (nobody on the left wants a Republican SCOTUS nominee to replace the deceased Antonin Scalia); Sanders further tweeted that Trump would “gut the Voting Rights Act.”

As Trump continued to speak at length, both about Sanders and about his one-man vision for the future of America, Bernie Sanders wondered on social media if Donald was fully aware of exactly what political position he is vying for.

Bernie Sanders’ tweet was in response to Donald Trump’s claim that Trump “alone” is capable of “fixing” the United States.

Despite Sanders’ social media contention that his supporters won’t be backing Trump, and a subsequent tweet in which he claimed that his campaign was about unity rather than division, it’s possible that Senator Sanders is being a bit more ideological than the situation dictates. After all, when Bernie (who had promised to fight for every delegate until the Democratic National Convention) finally threw in the towel and endorsed Hillary Clinton for POTUS, many Sanders supporters completely flipped their lids.

After Sanders roundly endorsed Clinton for president of the United States, many stalwart Bernie Sanders backers took to social media to declare that they will never vote for Hillary. #NeverHillary blew up on Twitter. Many Sanders loyalists suddenly declared their candidate to be a traitor and a sell-out, despite Sanders’ calls for party unity.


Indeed, despite Bernie Sanders’ plea for party unity and despite his stated goal of doing whatever he has to do to keep Trump out of the White House, a decent percentage of his former supporters have promised to do precisely what Donald Trump claimed in his RNC speech. They have vowed to vote for Trump in protest.

Still other former Bernie Sanders supporters have sworn to go the third-party route. At the start of the Republican National Convention, Hillary Clinton was still several points ahead of Trump in at least one national poll; however following Sanders’ endorsement of Hillary Clinton, third-party candidate Gary Johnson got an unexpected and unusual pre-convention boost and had climbed four points in the poll in just over a month.

There are many in politics who believe that Bernie supporters who vote for a third-party candidate are indirectly voting for Trump.

As the Republican National Convention wraps up, the Democratic National Convention is gearing up to begin next Monday. Bernie Sanders is expected to be a keynote speaker and ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton during the event next week.

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