Five Reasons Why ‘Dexter’ Should Return For Season 9, Michael C Hall Weighs In

Ever since Dexter ended in 2013, the fans have been talking about bringing the series back for at least one season to wrap up the loose ends in the series finale. Dexter’s showrunner has expressed some interest in bringing the show back, but nothing has been finalized, yet.

In April, TMZ talked with Michael C. Hall, the actor who portrayed Dexter Morgan in the series, and he revealed he wasn’t aware that Dexter was “in talks” of returning. He explained that if it is “on the table” so to speak, it was news to him. He put the brakes on all hope of the series returning this year, and his reaction made the fans doubt that the actor would agree to”revisit” the role of Dexter Morgan.

Even so, Dexter fans have faith, even if it is small, that Hall will return to the series, and we can get one more season to end Dexter in the way it deserves. There are so many questions that need to be addressed for the fans to let Dexter rest in peace.


Most Dexter fans do not understand why the writing team chose to have Hannah take Dexter’s son, Harrison, and before he disappeared to become a lumberjack. Why? He loved his son, and knew that Hannah was a murderer, so why would he trust his son with her. He knew she tried to kill his sister when she challenged her. It makes absolutely no sense why Dexter would choose this woman to raise his child without his supervision.


Dexter had a beautiful relationship with his adoptive sister, Deb. Even when they were at odds with each other when she discovered his dark secret, she still loved him and kept his secret. It seems odd that he would choose to take her body to the sea and place her by the monsters he murdered years before. It seems like Deb deserved better. It is poetic, and we understand why he did it, but it seemed out of character for Dexter. And, what happened to her body? He didn’t weigh her down with rocks like he did his victims. It seems like her body should have “resurfaced” on the beach.


Dexter fans felt that there was some secret that tied Dexter with his adoptive father. The storyline hinted that Dexter’s mother could have had an affair with Harry. It was confirmed early in the series that Harry was his adoptive father, fans couldn’t help but speculate there was more to Dexter’s mother and Harry’s relationship. We learned during Season 8 that Harry committed suicide after walking in and witnessing Dexter kill one of his “victims.”

Dr. Vogel

Dr. Vogel seemed to genuinely care for Dexter and knew his history well. We learned that she treated him as a young child, and helped Harry develop a code that helped Dexter become a productive member of society. She had a love for Dexter, and throughout Season 8, he felt a bond to her like he’s never experienced. He witnessed her murder, and it had a profound effect on him. Her history with Dexter was complex and interesting. Dexter fans felt there was more to their relationship than met the eye.


Uproxx explains that Dexter writers never addressed LaGuerta’s death fall out. When Season 8 aired, Dexter fans wondered how they would deal with the fact that Deb killed her boss, when she got close to finding out Dexter’s dark secret. Dexter and Deb were on edge that their plan to pin the murder on someone else wouldn’t work. The truth could be exposed (possibly by a witness), and the whole department would know that Dexter was a serial killer.

The Dexter writing team has plenty of material to work with for another season. The showrunners have stated over and over that they don’t want to “close the door” on Dexter completely, but cannot give the fans a date that it would return, or a spinoff would be filmed/aired.

Dexter fans, would you like to see the series return for Season 9? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Dexter news and updates.

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