Marco Rubio Does What Ted Cruz Couldn’t — Endorse Donald Trump [Video]

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), former presidential candidate, did something Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was unable to do in good conscience. Breitbart reported that Marco Rubio endorsed business executive/reality TV star Donald Trump for president.

Rubio made a 90-second video, which was played at the Republican National Convention. In the video, Rubio spent one minute explaining why he thought former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton was unfit to be president. In the other 30 seconds, he compared Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and called for party unity.

“After a long and spirited primary, the time for fighting each other is over. It’s time to come together and fight for a new direction for America. It’s time to win in November.”

Salon claims that Rubio did not technically endorse Donald Trump. He spoke against Clinton and Obama. He said what Trump would do if elected. He urged Americans to come together and “win in November.” However, he never said vote for Donald Trump, nor did he say that he himself would be voting for Trump.


According to WJHG Channel 7, Marco Rubio was too busy campaigning for re-election to the senate to attend the convention. Instead of coming to Cleveland to speak at the convention in person, Rubio was in Panama City Beach, speaking with veterans. Reforming the Department of Veterans Affairs is one of Rubio’s top priorities as a senator. As the Inquisitr explained, Marco Rubio was one of many prominent Republicans who found excuses not to attend the Republican convention in Cleveland. Gov. John Kasich, who turned down the chance to be Trump’s running mate, refused to attend the convention, despite the fact that the RNC is taking place in his state. None of the former Republican presidents decided to attend. Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) said he couldn’t attend because “I’ve got to mow my lawn.” Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland made it clear he would not, could not, attend the convention.

I don’t even want to be involved. It’s a mess. I hate the whole thing.


Ted Cruz, like Marco Rubio, was one of the 17 Republican candidates for president. He did attend the convention, and he gave his speech in person. He urged the crowd to “vote your conscience.” When he refused to endorse Donald Trump, Cruz was booed off the stage.


In a meme that’s been making the rounds on Facebook, Mike Wallace asked why Trump supporters thought Cruz’s words didn’t apply to Trump.

“Here is the most critical question of all for those who didn’t like Ted’s speech. When he asked people to vote for a candidate who shares your values and would defend the Constitution, why didn’t you think he was talking about your candidate?”


Donald Trump has been officially nominated as the Republican candidate for president. However, many Republican leaders are attempting to avoid him or ignore him. Those who do endorse him, like Marco Rubio, have done so in a weak, half-hearted fashion. The Washington Post, which Trump has banned from covering his campaign, pointed out that many top Republicans refuse to endorse Trump.

Many political analysts fear that Trump will lead to the downfall of the Republican Party. Others point out that the GOP has changed so much over the past few years that even if it survives, it will never be what it was.


The Hill quoted Gov. John Kasich as pointing out the GOP needs to re-evaluate its future.

“We’re going to have to sit down and we’re going to have to think about what our party is going to mean to people in the 21st century.”

Actor and social activist Marc Biagi stated on Facebook that the Republican Party under Donald Trump is no longer “the Party of Lincoln.”

“The Republican Party should just change its name to the Nationalist Party and be done with it. We’ve lost the Party of Lincoln. I’d advise my sane conservative friends and the politicians with backbone to form a new Conservative Party. Then let the crazies crash and burn. It’s your own fault, you made eye contact and invited them in because you wanted to win at all costs. But you didn’t really know the price.”

Senator Marco Rubio endorsed Donald Trump as the Republican candidate for president. Will Trump be the last Republican president, or even the last Republican candidate? Will Trump transform or destroy the Republican Party?

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]