Chaos Ensues As Alex Jones, Roger Stone Crash ‘The Young Turks’ Set At RNC [Video]

Earlier this evening, progressive liberal internet broadcaster The Young Turks’ live stream from the Republican National Convention was interrupted as conservative Alex Jones, of Info Wars, walked onto the set, reportedly unannounced and uninvited, with Roger Stone in tow, as can be viewed in provided TYT footage. Before Jones and Stone left, the entire set was covered with people surrounding TYT host Cenk Uygur, Jones, and Stone who became embroiled in a heated argument.

Please note, the videos contain NSFW language.

Though he later stated that Jones was uninvited on the TYT set, Cenk Uygur initially appeared to attempt to welcome Jones on the show, and allow him to participate as a guest.

“I’m going to come sit in your lap,” Jones said to Cenk Uygur, and offered him his hand. Uygur reluctantly shook it.

Alex Jones presented Cenk Uygur with a t-shirt bearing a picture of Former President Bill Clinton with the word “RAPE” written underneath. Jones held the shirt in front of Uygur before the TYT host snatched it away so that it could no longer be seen by viewers.

At that point, Uygur grabbed Jones’ Info Wars microphone, that he had brought with him onto the TYT set, away.

“You know who was accused in court papers of being a rapist?” Uygur asked, visibly irritated. “Donald J. Trump.”

Uygur then reacted to something unintelligible, presumably shouted by Roger Stone off-camera.

Cenk Uygur, Alex Jones came close to blows earlier this evening as Jones and fellow conservative Roger Stone crashed the live 'TYT' show, uninvited. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian with ‘The Young Turks.’ [Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images]“Donald Trump, Roger Stone. It’s in court papers!” Uygur exclaimed. The TYT host then proceeded to describe Roger Stone as “sick.”

The other hosts began to look uncomfortable and a large group of onlookers, many with cameras rolling, began to crowd the open TYT set as the shouting continued. Uygur and Jones each shouted that the other was a “liar” and “sick.”

The official Young Turks feed then cut away briefly and returned to Jones suggesting that Cenk Uygur and Roger Stone debate each other.

“I’m not going to debate this guy,” Cenk Uygur declared.

Stone can then be partially seen on camera calling Uygur a “loser,” and telling him that nobody watches TYT. Perhaps noteworthy is the number of subscribers to each broadcaster’s YouTube channel: TYT has 3.0 million, while Alex Jones’ channel has 1.5 million.

Alex Jones crashed the live 'The Young Turks' broadcast from the Republican National Convention earlier this evening, together with Roger Stone. Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and Jonathan Alter at the RNC. [Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images]Ana Kasparian and what look to be TYT producers then attempted to clear the people gathered from the set as Alex Jones made light of the fact that Cenk Uygur was, in fact, “really upset.”

Uygur tossed the Clinton t-shirt Jones had given him away as shouting continued between Jones and Kasparian.

“Saudi Arabians aren’t funny enough… A little jihad,” Jones shouted across the stage, seemingly at Ana Kasparian.

These words cause Cenk Uygur to rise to his feet, for the first time since Jones stormed the stage, and face the conservative broadcaster.

“Hey. First of all. Let me explain something. Alright,” Uygur could be heard. The host ripped his earpiece and microphone from his head and threw them to the ground. “This is b*******! We’re against Saudi Arabia you dumb***! We talk about that all the time!”

TYT host Ben Mankiewicz, who had been seated beside Uygur, stood, removed his jacket, and put his arms around the TYT co-founder, seemingly out of fear that he and Jones may come to blows.

Uygur demanded to know if Jones believed the “lizard people” or “Bilderbergs” were in charge, referring to fairly well-known conspiracy theories. Jones called Uygur an “anti-liberal.”

“You know what I care about? The American people!” Cenk Uygur shouted.

More and more people began to crowd the set, filming the scene with cell phones and other cameras. Many voices could be heard shouting and calling for order to be restored.

Finally, as the crowd of onlookers begins to abate, a woman’s voice could be heard shouting “Go make some more excuses for terrorists!” and the footage cut away before coming back live with the TYT coverage of the RNC.

Info Wars has also uploaded versions of this evening’s Alex Jones-Cenk Uygur TYT incident, which can be seen below.

[Photo by Ben Jackson/Getty Images for SiriusXM]