‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Brooke Tries To Help Katie, Wyatt Chastises Quinn, And Preparations For The Spencer Summit Continue

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Thursday’s show indicate that Brooke will be stepping up to help Katie as she battles Bill for her son. The two sisters had an intense falling out after the affair was uncovered, but their relationship may not be over for good. Quinn recently snuck into Forrester Creations to see Eric and was caught by Steffy, and the July 21 episode brings Wyatt into the mix of this mess.

Once Katie learned the truth about Brooke and Bill’s affair, she cut off her sister and threatened to destroy her husband. However, Bill made the first big move and took Will away, and he has him hidden away somewhere. Many are furious by the move, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that Brooke will be getting involved during Thursday’s show.

Previews show Brooke talking to Bill, telling him that his decision to take Will was wrong and that she will not allow the situation to continue. Granted, he is unlikely to be all that swayed by her speech or demands, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers share that this will not slow her down much. According to We Love Soaps, Brooke will ultimately end up being Katie’s hero to an extent as this plays out, but things will not be resolved quite yet.

It is not known for certain whether the two sisters have their next confrontation during Thursday or Friday’s episode, but Bold and Beautiful spoilers via the weekly preview detail that Katie will have some additional words for her sister. Despite Brooke’s determination to help resolve the Will situation, this sibling relationship remains seriously fractured from the looks of things. Friday’s show also brings an intense fight between Katie and Bill as the battle over Will continues.

Quinn’s antics at Forrester Creations made for some awkward moments as Steffy blasted her, and Eric had to take his granddaughter’s side in order to keep the word of his affair under wraps. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers detail that Wyatt will have a chat with his mom during Thursday’s show, and he learns of her little stunt at Forrester.

Wyatt can’t help but love his mother, but she does tend to make life quite complicated for him at times. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that he will point out to her how crazy this stunt was, mentioning that it will make things difficult for him.

Steffy has already done everything she can to banish Quinn from her life, both at home and at work, and she has little tolerance for her husband’s support for his mother. Teasers indicate, however, that Quinn isn’t done shaking things up for Steffy and Wyatt yet.


Thursday’s episode brings a bit related to the Spencer Summit was well, according to SheKnows Soaps. Wyatt and Steffy will be working on the event and Bold and Beautiful spoilers detail that they will make arrangements to have a guest speaker there. While it is not clear quite yet who their guest speaker will be, soon Quinn will be putting together a wild plan to ensure she is a part of the Spencer Summit as well.

How far will Quinn go to get her way when it comes to Steffy, Wyatt, Eric, and the family companies? Will Brooke manage to talk any sense into Bill when it comes to the intense situation with Katie and Will? Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that there are big battles on the way, and fans will not want to miss the rest of the action as it plays out in the episodes ahead.


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