Gwen Stefani Opens Up About The Moment She Hit It Off With Blake Shelton As Pregnancy Rumors Surface

Gwen Stefani opened up about her relationship with Blake Shelton during a recent interview.

As pregnancy rumors swirl regarding Gwen Stefani, which claim the singer is pregnant with twins, she opened up about her time with Shelton on the set of The Voice Season 9, during which Shelton broke news of his divorce from Miranda Lambert backstage.

“I was in shock, because I felt like he was exposing me. I just couldn’t even wrap my head around it,” Gwen Stefani admitted during her appearance on The Howard Stern Show, according to a report by People Magazine on July 20. “I didn’t want anyone to know what was going on with me… I had this huge weight on me and nobody but my parents and obviously everybody involved knew.”

Just weeks after Shelton announced he was parting ways with his now-ex-wife, Lambert, Gwen Stefani confirmed her own marriage to Gavin Rossdale had come to an end after 13 years and three children, sons Kingston, 10, Zuma, 7, and Apollo, 2.

“It was during that time, he came up to my chair… I never saw him look so upset. So then I was like, ‘I gotta talk to you,'” Gwen Stefani recalled.

At that point, Gwen Stefani opened up to Shelton about what had happened between her and Rossdale, which resulted in the abrupt end of their relationship. Although Gwen Stefani has never actually confirmed the report, Us Weekly claimed in November of last year that the singer caught her ex-husband cheating on her with their former nanny, Mindy Mann.

As the magazine’s insider revealed, Gwen Stefani was allegedly informed of her husband’s infidelity by a staff member and later saw messages between Rossdale and Mann on the family’s iPad, which reportedly included details about meeting to have sex. However, rather than part ways right away (Gwen Stefani allegedly discovered the affair in February 2015), the couple stayed together and attempted to work through their marital troubles. Then, in August 2015, they announced their divorce.

It “was just unbelievable that God would put us in a position to have each other at that moment, in the same exact moment,” Gwen Stefani said during her interview with Howard Stern on Wednesday, explaining that she “wasn’t trying to start a relationship.”

Looking back, Gwen Stefani still doesn’t understand why her marriage ended in the way it did.

“I think, for me, I feel like I always wondered: why did I get so unlucky in love? I have so much love in me,” she said.

Luckily, however, Shelton has been the silver lining of her situation and “an incredible gift” for Gwen Stefani.

In other news, Gwen Stefani was said to be “pregnant with two girls” earlier this week.

“The buzz in their inner circle is that Gwen is four months pregnant, and that they’re expecting twins!” a source told OK! Magazine, via Gossip Cop, on July 20. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton “began researching fertility doctors and evaluating their options several months ago,” but Stefani “conceived naturally.”

Gwen Stefani is featured on the cover of the magazine’s latest issue, which proclaims news of her twins.

“Blake teared up when he found out” Gwen Stefani was pregnant, and later “lost it” when he learned she was “carrying twin girls,” who were said to be due “sometime around Christmas,” the source added.

A short time later, a rep for Gwen Stefani told Gossip Cop the report was “untrue.”

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]