Chris Brown Refusing To Let Rihanna Marry Drake Amid Engagement Reports

Chris Brown is refusing to let Rihanna marry Drake if he has it his way, sources have revealed.

Earlier this week, reports claimed that Rihanna and Drake’s reconciliation has made them realize how much they love one another — so much that the twosome have reportedly discussed plans to get married, though nothing has been made official just yet.

By the look of things, however, Chris Brown got word of the news that his supposed soulmate wants to marry Drake, leaving him outraged because the 27-year-old has allegedly been trying to get back with the “Work” singer for the past couple of months.

While Rihanna and Chris chose to remain friends following their breakup in 2013, Brown did admit in an interview with The Breakfast Club that the twosome just drifted apart from one another, and because of that, they haven’t spoken as much as they used to.

That hasn’t changed the way Chris feels about Rihanna, Hollywood Life continues, adding that the singer would never let Drake marry the love of his life. The two have so much history that, if the 28-year-old ends up marrying the Canadian-born rapper, Brown wouldn’t know how to accept the fact that he may never have the chance of reconciling with the pop princess.

“If Rihanna’s about to sit up here and marry the biggest player in rap, then Chris is about to marry his baby’s mother and Karrueche’s [Tran] going to be one of the bridesmaids,” the source joked, making it known how much of a joke Chris Brown finds the whole situation.

In the past, Chris Brown has been rather vocal about Rihanna and the men she’s dated since their split in 2013, claiming that out of all the people she’s been romantically linked to, none of them have come close to the R&B singer — including Drake.

Rihanna & Drake performing “work”

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Brown makes it clear that he’s not a fan of Drake, which more or less stems back to the nightclub brawl in 2012 that was said to have been caused over Rihanna. The “One Dance” rapper had been seeing Rih-Rih at the time, and Chris clearly didn’t seem to approve of the relationship, which eventually led to champagne bottles flying across the dance floor, injuring several people.

As for what Chris Brown tends to do in order to prevent Drake from marrying Rihanna, Hollywood Life continues by saying, “Yeah, right. Chris ain’t buying that for a minute.”

“He doesn’t believe for a second that his soulmate would tie the knot with her long-term side piece. Chris loves Rihanna and he’d be deeply hurt and go out of his mind if she even considered being off the market in this way. Drake’s just a pinch hitter until Chris is mentally and emotionally ready to step up to the plate and whisk Rihanna off her feet.”

Drake and Rihanna have both remained quiet about their supposed plans to get married, but reports concerning their supposed reconciliation seem to be true. One insider says the two have been inseparable since giving their romance another shot.

One of the reasons Rihanna reportedly didn’t want to reconcile with Breezy in the past was down to the fact that he’s now a father, which has more or less placed an even bigger rift between them. But what do you make of Chris Brown’s comments regarding Rihanna’s plans to marry Drake?

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