July 20, 2016
WWE News: Alberto Del Rio & Paige Are Upset Over Being Drafted To Different Brands

When the news first broke that Alberto Del Rio and Paige were in a relationship, the WWE Universe was surprised because it was the pairing of two WWE superstars that many wouldn't suspect to develop a romantic relationship. However, aside from a few rumors and an incident involving some fans that wasn't their fault, the couple seems to be in a happy relationship.

Since their relationship went public, there have been some rumors about WWE bringing it to television, but the majority of those rumors took place before the WWE Draft was announced, which ended up splitting up the happy couple. Alberto Del Rio was drafted to SmackDown while Paige was drafted to Raw during the WWE Draft last night.

Alberto Del Rio Enters the Ring For a Match
[Image via WWE]According to a report from Daily Wrestling News, Del Rio and Paige are said to be very unhappy about being split up due to the WWE Draft. During last night's post-WWE Draft coverage on the WWE Network, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T mentioned that Paige was unhappy about the move to Raw, but he blamed it on her being picked later in the WWE Draft than she wanted.

Although Alberto Del Rio did an interview on the WWE Network about being drafted to SmackDown, it was hard for him to hide his unhappiness with being drafted to Tuesday nights, and this isn't the first time that Alberto has been rumored to be unhappy with his position in WWE.

Of course, WWE could have Shane and Stephanie make some kind of a trade to get them on the same brand if it were necessary. For example, Alberto Del Rio for Cesaro is a pretty fair trade that would benefit both brands and get the couple touring together again. However, Del Rio and Paige are not the only WWE couple that has to deal with the distance of working for WWE where these things are commonplace.

When Enzo Amore and Big Cass made their WWE main roster debut on Raw after Wrestlemania, Carmella was left behind in NXT. She and Big Cass have had to deal with the distance, which will continue because Carmella was just drafted to SmackDown while Big Cass will remain on Raw. The last thing WWE was probably thinking about was the personal lives of Del Rio and Paige when they were drafting the rosters for both Raw and SmackDown.

Paige Peaces Her Way to the Ring
[Image via WWE]The interesting element of Del Rio and Paige being split up onto different WWE brands is the potential they have as an on-screen couple on WWE television. If they are actually upset about being split up because it affects their personal lives, the two clearly love being together. That passion could make for a good storyline on WWE television. The WWE Universe certainly loves hearing and gossiping about them.

WWE could run a "long distance" angle of some sort where both of them are smitten with one another and only cross every so often when Raw and SmackDown are sharing a PPV like next month's WWE SummerSlam. That could be interesting with them being able to bring their relationship to WWE television, but they also may not want to display it all over WWE television either.

Being a WWE superstar isn't easy, and it is understandable why they would get upset about being split up because of how hard it is to date outside of WWE, so inside should be easier, right? But that is part of the business, and they're both professionals. Both workers should get better opportunities on Raw and SmackDown after the brand extension. The trick for them in their relationship is to make it work unless there is a trade or something else in WWE that causes them to be under the same brand.

[Image via WWE]