July 20, 2016
Chrissy Teigen Talks Celebrity, Fans, And Using John Legend's Name For A Better Table

Chrissy Teigen has perhaps the most interaction with her fans on social media of any celebrity out there, and she doesn't hesitate to tell it like it is on Twitter. Teigen is often off the cuff, and then sometimes she invites questions from fans. Either way, Teigen is far more open than most, and whether she answers you honestly or in a joking manner, very often she will answer you candidly. And Teigen doesn't act like it's no big deal being married to John Legend, especially when it comes to using his name for last minute dinner reservations at big name restaurants.

According to the Inquisitr, fans got to see Chrissy Teigen, along with husband John Legend at the top of their game when it came to calling out Twitter trolls who got together en masse to mommy shame Teigen after the birth of her daughter Luna Simone. The comments ranged from how dare Teigen leave Luna Simone and go to dinner, to how dare Teigen lose weight so fast and pose for photos. Teigen fought back and John Legend wanted to know why he wasn't blamed for leaving Luna at home and going out to dinner.

News shared a really funny question and answer session with Chrissy Teigen on Twitter that discussed everything from the Illuminati to celebrity relationships (do they really all know each other?). Teigen acted like a fan's friend at the factory and spilled it all for everyone to read. From the juicy to the practical, Chrissy Teigen tells all. The chit chat went on for several days, so feel free to check in on Twitter.

So, how does a famous people meet and greet go? Teigen doesn't hold back.

Q. Do famous people introduce themselves to other famous people they've never met? For example, does Oprah say 'Hi, I'm Oprah' to Anna Kendrick?

A. They do. And whomever is the lesser celebrity giggles and goes "oh I know!!" and the other celeb smirks annoyingly.

Q. Have you ever been completely flustered to meet someone?

A. Beyonce. Mariah. [Real Housewives of Orange County star] Vicki Gunvalson.

So, what does Teigen think of celebrity conspiracy theories? Are all celebrity relationships publicity stunts? And is the Illuminati a secret handshake deal, or do you need to apply?

Q. Do famous people have to play along when their celeb friends are in a publicity stunt relationship? Do they get paid too?

A. I've only known one person to do this and I found out after. I think it happens less than we think?

Q. How many people do you know are part of the illuminati?

A. Zero. I thought when I married John he would have to tell me.

With the birth of Luna Simone, Chrissy Teigen became an authority on something else, celebrity babies, and is now officially a celebrity mom.

Q. Do you think celebrity babies know they're celebrity babies? like can you imagine being Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's bb? That's so fun.

A. They don't and they don't know you're famous no matter how many times you yell it at them.

Q. Do some celebrities depend on nannies to take care of their kids?

A. To help, is a better way to say it. And others, too. I dunno anyone that doesn't wanna take care of their kids.

Vanity Fair is reporting that Chrissy Teigen has something to say about celebrity arranged relationships and whether they are for real. Teigen says it is not the norm, and she can only think of one that was actually arranged. When is comes to paparazzi, there is a love-hate relationship. When asked if she has ever loved a paparazzi photo of herself, Teigen says yes, and Teigen also admits to having a few saved on her phone.
Fishwrapper claims that Chrissy Teigen is doing the world a service when it comes to debunking all of the things people have ever wondered about celebs and their friends. Someone named Mary wanted to know if celebs hire their own makeup artists, to which Teigen answered truthfully and with a joke.
"They have agencies and portfolios, but mostly, you're just like 'ok, please make me look like your other client J-LO.'"
Teigen also said that when it comes to a celebrity dating service, there is an eHarmony for the rich and famous called Raya that many celebs use.

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[Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images]