Chima Quits Big Brother 11 – Spoilers!

Chima has quit and walked out of the Big Brother 11 house!

Last night while most of us were sleeping, those super-dedicated fans watching the Big Brother live video feed online witnessed Chima walk out of the house and quit. The details are still sketchy, but on Thursday night’s televised show, Chima was visibly upset at the show’s decision to implement a coup giving Jeff the power to overthrow her as the head of the household and put up his own nominees for eviction, leading to one of Chima’s close allys being eliminated.

Spoiler alert – Chima became irate, pulling her mic pack off and throwing it in the hot-tub. That’s when the production crew piped up over the loudspeakers ordering her to put her mic back on and she refused. The live video feed was shut down temporarily and when it came back up, Chima Simone, the 32 year old freelance journalist from Hollywood, CA, was gone.

So who will replace Chima after she quit Big Brother 11?

Source: The Examiner.