July 20, 2016
The Ultimate Monster Returns To Japan In New Trailer For 'Godzilla Resurgence'

In 2014, the American reboot of Godzilla did rather well for Warner Bros., and it was one that fans accepted much more than the 1998 abomination. A lot of long-time fans of the giant monster were still left unsatisfied and hoping it wouldn't be the last time that the giant was seen on the big screen. A new trailer for Godzilla Resurgence shows that things have been improved upon and that the monster is returning to Japan.

There is really no way of knowing if Toho Pictures' Godzilla Resurgence will ever make it stateside, but fans are really hoping and wishing for it. Director Hideaki Anno has obviously put a different twist on the classic movie monster

Coming Soon has revealed that a brand new trailer with additional footage has been released, and it actually has been released with two TV spots.

godzilla resurgence trailer japan return poster
[Image via Toho Pictures]In the new film, Godzilla returns to one of his most well-known (and incredibly destroyed) cities in Tokyo, Japan. His actions are first seen as a series of unfortunate events or just natural disasters by the people of the city.

Soon, the people realize that it is the return of Godzilla, and they must do whatever it takes to save their city and their own lives.

Screen Rant is reporting that a lot of speculation has made as to the actual idea behind Godzilla Resurgence, but there is no confirmation. It's believed that the visual style and the story of the film is based on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster from 2011, where a series of nuclear reactor meltdowns happened after a tsunami damaged a nuclear power plant.

Filmmakers Shinji Higuchi and Anno are co-directing the film, but they each took over different areas of expertise. Higuchi was in the lead over special effects, whereas Anno also wrote the script for Godzilla Resurgence.

Higuchi has said that it will be the "most terrifying version" of Godzilla that anyone has ever seen.

The recent terrorist attacks and the unexpected natural disasters from the past few years have caused the people of the world to lose their innocence, according to the filmmakers. With that, they wanted to bring a different Godzilla movie to the table, one that has people trying to "face up to the issue of accountability."

It's kind of difficult to determine what many of the Godzilla films are ever really about, but they do all have a plot. The Facebook page for Gormaru Island has released a short synopsis for Godzilla Resurgence.

'A cause unknown, an accident has occurred in the tunnels of the Tokyo Bay Aqua Line, causing an emergency cabinet meeting to convene. Immediately afterwards, a huge creature appears, destroying town after town with its landing reaching the capital. The mysterious giant organism named 'Godzilla.'"
Godzilla Resurgence is set to hit theaters in Japan on July 29, and there is hope that it will make it to theaters in the United States, but no official word yet. If anything, the film will end up on DVD and Blu-ray domestically, but that could still take a number of months after its release across the globe.

It is still possible to get it open theatrically in the United States, but that would take a great deal of success and then work by the studio.

Godzilla Resurgence may be strange in look, and it may appear to be somewhat unique from what has been seen so far, but it has fans excited. The return of the mega-monster to Japan is one that so many have been wanting for a very long time, and now, their wish will be granted. It may seem odd and bizarre, but the new trailer shows that filmmakers will bring fans back to what they've always loved.

[Image via Toho Pictures]