WWE News: Big Update On The Original Plans For WWE NXT Call Ups

Last night, we witnessed various WWE NXT Superstars being called up to the main roster. It was theorized that some knew they would be called up, like Finn Balor, but few knew exactly where they were going until the time came. Others didn’t even know they were going to be drafted, which made things quite interesting. WWE decided to film a lot of this, and we had the chance to see real reactions to the draft from the WWE Performance Center.

It was a great moment for many, especially Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss, who both were emotional about the draft situation. A lot of this, however, was seen as WWE changing plans at the last minute. WWE does this a great deal, so it should come as no shock to anyone that some things went the way they did. WWE is known for changing things up, and they certainly wanted to make WWE RAW come out as the A+ show, which is why the WWE Draft heavily favored the red brand. There is still hope for some trades and big free agents, but it is uncertain.

When it came to WWE NXT, some plans were seemingly day to day before they finally took shape. According to Ringside News, the original plan was to separate American Alpha because WWE felt that they only wanted Jason Jordan to be called up, while Chad Gable was to be left behind. Due to the immense popularity of the duo, WWE did go against this plan, and they were drafted as a unit to WWE SmackDown. This was most likely done to help the tag team division there.

Alexa Bliss [image via WWE]WWE went back and forth when it came to Mojo Rawley. Plans went really crazy for the hyped up NXT star, as they originally were set to call him up, and WWE decided against it at the last minute. Then they changed their minds yet again and drafted to the blue brand. While WWE would like to use Zack Ryder more as a mid-card talent than anything else on SmackDown, it is thought that he very well could still team up with his NXT tag partner too.

When it came to Carmella, there were several different theories for her. Back around WrestleMania, WWE was set to keep her down in NXT for a while longer. The thought was that she could help the NXT women’s division while also improving her skill set. This is why she was not called up with the duo of Enzo Amore and Big Cass, whom she managed in NXT for a while. She has improved a lot, and this seemed to change WWE’s mind on calling her up.

When it comes to Bayley, every fan expected her to be drafted. It made total sense to do so due to her HUGE popularity. The fans chanted her name a great deal, and they have expected to see her every single time a call-up time occurred for talent. There is still a big theory that WWE will still call her up very soon.

It is rumored that Bayley will be Sasha Banks’ mystery tag team partner at WWE Battleground against WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte and Dana Brooke. There is really no one else who makes sense to tag with her. WWE already used Becky Lynch in the lead-up to the match, which excludes her. This is especially true due to Becky’s rivalry with Natalya.

Mojo Rawley [image via WWE]That said, it is well known that Banks and Bayley are good friends outside the ring and have a respected rivalry with one another from their NXT time when they had two amazing matches together. It was around a year ago that the great NXT ladies of Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and Becky Lynch got called up. So a year later, it makes total sense for the WWE to call up Bayley to be part of WWE’s Women’s Division.

It is uncertain which brand she will go to, however. Just because she will be the tag partner, it does not mean that she will be part of WWE RAW despite the women of the match all being RAW affiliated. The catch is that Bayley may not even be officially called up if she works the match with Sasha. Unless Shane or Stephanie McMahon offer her a spot on their roster, she will go right back down to WWE NXT.

The one thing we learned tonight is that the NXT Women’s Division was absolutely gutted with the loss of Alexa Bliss, Eva Marie, Carmella, and Nia Jax, who were all drafted. If Bayley joined the main roster too, there would really be no one of note left in NXT other than the champion, Asuka. This would allow for more opportunity for the remaining women of NXT, but it also means they would have to step up and start a new women’s revolution like the Superstars before them.

[Image via WWE]