Tiffany Trump Speaks For Her Dad, Donald, At RNC

Since Donald Trump hit the campaign trail, most of his children have been involved to varying degrees in the push he’s made to become the next president of the United States. Save for his youngest son Barron, now 10, most of the Trump children – Donald Jr., 38; Ivanka, 34; and Eric, 32 – have, according to the Wall Street Journal, wielded considerable influence with their father’s campaign for the White House. They even made the push for the firing of Corey Lewandowski a few months ago, something which the publication reported that the senior Trump had been considering himself. The one adult Trump child, who hasn’t been as deeply entrenched in Donald Trump’s political campaign, has been daughter Tiffany, 22, his child with second wife Marla Maples. Tiffany Trump spoke out at the Republican National Convention (RNC) last night, injecting a great deal of warmth and good humor into her moment on stage.

Time reports that Tiffany Trump’s speech at the RNC focused on her father as a person, with connections being made to the office he’s pursuing. Tiffany painted an image of her father, Donald Trump, as someone warm and kind at the RNC, garnering a fair bit of applause for her efforts.

“In person, my father is so friendly, so considerate, so funny and so real. My friends walked away with a glimpse of all that he is, and all that he means to me, of the strong, protective, kind, endearing man I am so proud to call my father,” Tiffany said of the patriarch of the Trump family at the RNC. “I have admired my father all my life and I love him with all my heart.”

Those at the RNC would have definitely understood that Tiffany Trump held a great deal of admiration for her father, and certainly, it was one of the few times that the public at large would have gotten almost a behind the scenes glimpse of Trump the father, instead of Trump the businessman. It was truly a nice moment, and it marked one of the few times that Tiffany Trump has entered the campaign on behalf of her father.

But why has Tiffany Trump essentially been out of the campaign until her appearance at the RNC last night?

The youngest Trump daughter has actually been away at college, according to reports, and only just recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. According to USA Today, Tiffany Trump was no slouch academically. The magazine cites Donald Trump saying that his youngest daughter had gotten straight A’s in school, and with a double major in sociology and urban studies as well as a concentration in law, there is no doubt that Tiffany Trump has been rather busy with school and couldn’t focus on her father’s bid for president.

Tiffany Trump’s appearance at the RNC could demonstrate to female voters, who have not exactly been sold on the idea of President Trump, that the business magnate is a man who, while swaggering and perhaps a bit overconfident in his public persona, treats women well. Since Donald Trump’s clashes with Megyn Kelly, many women were soured on the thought of seeing Donald Trump becoming the leader of the United States. However, WSAU notes that there are at least some women who have been impressed by how the businessman treats the women in his life.

“He was not my first choice or even my second choice,” said Carol Del Carlo, a Trump supporter.

She notes a significant “but,” however. “I look at him and I see how he treats his daughters. They’re engaged, they look like a real, true family, they work in their father’s business, they’re advisors.”

That, compounded with Tiffany Trump’s genuine warmth and heartfelt words about her father, Donald Trump, at the RNC last night, might sway some voters into thinking that perhaps Donald is not so bad after all.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]