Song Hye-kyo Heading To Hollywood Next?

If you have been following Song Hye-kyo on Instagram, you may have noticed that, of late, the actress has been posting photographs of her holidaying in the US. What fans are curious about is if the South Korean actress is simply taking a break or if she is out there pitching her next project — most probably to a Hollywood producer.

After the conclusion of the military romance Descendants of the Sun, there has been no talk about the next project that Song Hye-kyo is working on. Fans of K-drama are wondering if the actress will take up another TV series or will choose to star in a movie instead. It’s worth noting that Song Hye-kyo’s Descendants of the Sun co-star Song Joong-ki is currently shooting a movie titled Battleship Island.

Song Hye-kyo too, for her part, has remained tight-lipped about her next project.

Rumors that Song Hye-kyo’s next project might be a Hollywood movie started circulating when it came to light that the actress owns a luxurious condo that oversees Central Park in New York. Song Hye-kyo, however, purchased the condo way back in 2009 while filming for an Indie Hollywood film, Make Yourself At Home.

The June 20 broadcast of tvN’s “The List 2016” ranked actors who have been successful in real estate investments abroad, and South Korean star Song Hye-kyo bagged the ninth place.

Recently, the actress also purchased a new house in Samseongdong, Seoul, priced at approximately $7.5 million. The fact that Song Hye-kyo has a house in New York could not rule the possibility that the actress might make it her second home.

According to a report by IBT, the actress is taking it slow and is not in a rush to take up her next project.

“I have no idea yet. I did get a couple of offers, but I still can’t bring myself to read a new project. Rather than a drama, I think I may pick a movie,” said Song Hye-kyo.

The actress also explained that if she were to do a drama, she would be extremely picky about her role. She is keen on taking up a role that people will hold on to their memories for ever.

“For dramas, I’ve become more careful because now there are specific works that you think of when you hear the name Song Hye-kyo. If I were to do a drama again, I would really like to work on a fatal melodrama. Like a love that can’t be? I await a project where I’d have to deeply invest my emotions in,” she said, adding that she wants to do a memorable role.

Going by what she told Couch Kimchi in an interview, for her next project, Song Hye-kyo is perhaps looking at a niche role that has not been tried and tested by other South Korean actresses. Song Hye-kyo shot to fame when she starred in television dramas such as That Winter, the Wind Blows, Autumn in My Heart,All In,Full House,The World That They Live In, and the recent blockbuster, Descendants of the Sun.

“Just like how male actors get to play varied characters, I would also like to play characters that people don’t normally see female characters portraying on screen,” said Song Hye-kyo.

If the next project of Song Hye-kyo is indeed a Hollywood movie, the actress is bound to choose her role wisely. Even if it might be a minor character, Song Hye-kyo would choose one which would create an impact and make her mark in the Western cinema as well.

What do you think is Song Hye-kyo’s next project?

[Photo by Chiang Ying-ying/ AP Images]