GameStop Has Ceased Taking Pre-Orders Of The Wii U Deluxe Bundle

If you were hoping to get your hands on one of GameStop’s deluxe editions of the upcoming Wii U, then you might be seriously out of luck. According to Geekosystem, the retailer has stopped taking pre-orders for this particular set. The basic bundle, however, is still available, though sources are suggesting that you act fast. Reports indicate that the company is quickly running out of this particular bundle, as well. Nintendo, it would seem, is already on their way to experiencing a very joyous holiday season.

On Thursday, Nintendo unveiled their plans for the Wii U’s launch in the United States. Shortly after the story broke, GameStop began taking orders for both bundles. Within the span of just a few days, the deluxe bundle has already sold out. Employees have stated that they aren’t entirely sure how long the basic set will last. In other words, those who are still on the fence about the Wii U should probably make a decision on the matter very soon.

According to the folks at Kotaku, Nintendo has set the retail price of the 32GB deluxe bundle at $349.99. The company’s basic package, meanwhile, comes with 8GB of storage and costs $299.99. Since the difference between 32GB and 8GB is only $50, it’s not surprising that many customers have opted to pre-order to the deluxe edition. Unfortunately for many, settling for the basic package may be their only choice.

If you’re not loyal to GameStop, other retailers are currently offering bundles of their own. The HD Room reports that Walmart has already rolled out their very own $399 package, which allows customers to choose between the basic and the deluxe editions, as well as offering them a game and a Wii Remote Plus of their choice. Although the set is $50 more than GameStop’s deluxe package, at least you get to select the first game you’d like to play on Nintendo’s latest console.

Have you placed your pre-order for the Wii U?