Starz Rushes To Renew ‘Power’ For Two More Seasons After Record-Breaking Season 3 Premiere

It’s not a surprise that Starz promptly renewed its massive hit Power for fourth and fifth seasons right after the Season 3 premiere, which brought in 2.2 million viewers. The series is a major success not just for Starz, but for Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson as well — he is the executive producer for the drama about Ghost, a successful New York City nightclub owner (Omari Hardwick) trying to get out of his other job as the head of a successful drug ring, but repeatedly beingpulled back in. Sunday’s episode became the most-watched episode of any Starz original series ever. As Hip Hop DX puts it, “50 Cent’s Power stays breaking records,” meaning the Season 3 premiere episode was seen by 3.37 million people, as the Season 3 premiere’s two replays gathered another 1.1 million views.

Starz Rushes To Renew 'Power' For Two More Seasons After Record-Breaking Season 3 Premiere
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The higher numbers could be attributed to changing the air date from Saturday to Sunday, but the audience has grown steadily over the past two seasons, and its premiere was a triumph for Starz, a network with only 23.6 million subscribers, according to Variety. Starz is second in subscriber numbers for premium cable channels, with HBO being first and Showtime being third.

“About 14 percent of people with Starz tuned in to the ‘Power premiere Sunday night—a figure that doesn’t include streaming through the Starz app or the Starz add-on to Amazon Prime.”


Season 3, Episode 1 began with Ghost and Tommy (Joseph Sikora) on very bad terms, which isn’t a good thing, because Tommy’s feeling angry and betrayed, which means Ghost won’t be able to escape his unsavory past, no matter how hard he tries. The inability to move forward is compromised because a couple of people from his hit list from Season 2 — Kanan (50 Cent) and Lobos (Enrique Murciano) — are not as dead as Ghost would like, and Angela is on Lobos’ radar as well.

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Courtney Kemp and her writing team did a great job setting the tone for Power’s third season, and with a tagline like ” Ghost Must Die,” it’s up for interpretation whether that means Ghost will soon be a memory or James needs to come forward and bury his alter-ego. The Season 3 premiere episode, “Call Me James,” seems to indicate that is exactly what he is trying to do so that he and his U.S. Attorney girlfriend Angela (Lela Loren) can ride off into the sunset. It becomes apparent that the dream of a white-picket penthouse may not be realistic, as there is still the matter of a very angry and scorned wife Tasha (Naturi St. Patrick) and Angela’s ex-boyfriend Greg Knox (Andy Bean), whom she threw under the bus to protect James. Basically, everybody is mad at them.

Starz Rushes To Renew 'Power' For Two More Seasons After Record-Breaking Season 3 Premiere
[Image via Starz]

Tommy is gearing up to do Lobos’ bidding in order to solidify his place as a kingpin and keep himself and his girl, Holly, alive and well after the little present he found at home. He knows he needs to be more ruthless than he has ever been before.

James managed to create even more enemies in Episode 1 by firing Kantos in front of the staff; it seems that anybody that is mad at Ghost and/or Angela goes running to Tommy to commiserate. It’s apparent that the bromance isn’t going to be on this season.

As a side note, L.A. rapper Dumbfoundead will be in the first half of this season. RIP in advance. Power airs Sundays on Starz at 9 p.m. EST.

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