Jennifer Lopez To Bring ‘World Of Dance’ To NBC

There’s no denying Jennifer Lopez is an extraordinary entertainer with her ability to cross mediums from pop singer to actress to American Idol judge and, more recently, to producer with her hit television series, Shades of Blue. Now, Lopez is developing something that will help her blur the lines of her various careers that much more, as she prepares to introduce a new variety show to NBC audiences with World of Dance.

Jennifer Lopez’s World Of Dance Will Be An “Unparalleled Dance Competition”

NBC is clearly confident in Jennifer’s ability to executive produce a quality dance competition, because Rolling Stone reveals that the studio has already ordered World of Dance straight-to-series for a 10-episode season. At this early stage, it’s unknown if Lopez will serve in an on-camera capacity or if she plans to solely serve as executive producer.

World of Dance seeks to encompass the art of dance in all of its variations, allowing solo artists to compete alongside duos and couples, as well as full dance companies and crews. Much like the rest of the competition shows currently running on network T.V., World of Dance will have contestants competing throughout the season, leading up to a final competition. A single winner for the season will be awarded a prize of $1 million.

A system involving online submissions and in-person qualifying events will determine who is to be chosen to compete on World of Dance. Once a list of contestants has been finalized, competitors will be organized into three categories: those under 16 years of age, those over 16, and teams or crews.

While it’s unknown whether or not Lopez will be featured on the show, Jennifer has already chosen some of her dance professionals to serve on the show. World of Dance will bring in choreographers Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo, who were responsible for choreographing Lopez’s “All I Have” Las Vegas residency.

Jennifer Lopez Gives The Inside Scoop On World Of Dance

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While Variety reports that Ms. Lopez isn’t the only talent on board with the World of Dance presentation, it is her passion and her drive to succeed that will ultimately set the tone for the series. Much like her work on American Idol, Lopez will be participating in this presentation because it’s a labor of love and because she wants to give back to the world of music and dance.

“This will be a fierce talent-heavy dance competition that embraces the raw emotion and excitement that dance represents. I am excited to work with World of Dance, an organization that has had an immeasurable impact on the dance community, to give all dancers an enormous platform where their dreams can be realized,” said Lopez.

Meredith Ahr, president of Universal Television Alternative Studios, also commented on the upcoming competition show, remarking that dance is as capable of producing first class athletes as any other sport.

“Dance rivals any sport for its ability to produce world-class athletes and powerful performances that entertain, inspire and unite people from all walks of life,” says Ahr.

The Universal Television Alternative Studios president also points to the World of Dance organization and the high standards they have set for “authentic expression, diversity, and innovation” in declaring the World of Dance competitions will raise the bar for dancers worldwide. Meredith also cites Jennifer Lopez’s involvement as another factor in determining the expected success of World of Dance, not only for her achievements as a performer but also because Lopez serves as a role model to millions of potential dancers and performers.

“Those core values, paired with one of dance’s greatest success stories and role models, Jennifer Lopez, are sure to give viewers a front row seat as dance is taken to the next level.”

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