John Clayton ‘This is SportsCenter’ ESPN Commercial Bloopers And Outtakes [Video]

The John Clayton This is SportsCenter satirical commercial quickly went viral, and now ESPN has released some outtakes/bloopers from the filming.

As The Inquisitrhas previously reported, the 30-second commercial features the mild-mannered Clayton — referred to in the ad as a “consummate pro” — doing one of his many live spots for SportsCenter as an NFL analyst. As soon as the segment finishes, however, he rips off his false dress shirt and faux suit jacket to reveal a heavy-metal t-shirt (and music accompaniment) and a ponytail/mullet. And instead of a professional studio, Clayton in the commercial is broadcasting from a messy, teenager-looking room in his mom’s house.

In real life, the Seattle-area resident and ESPN employee since 1995 actually does many of his radio and television segments from his home studio.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has more about “NFL expert extraordinaire” John Clayton:

He has multiple cell phones for all his work, and jumps from ESPN outlet to ESPN outlet all day, every day (or so it seems), like an odd-looking superhuman wearing a suit…He is generally calm, collected, professional and often very humorous — extremely well-respected in the world of sports journalism.

With the huge success of the original spot, as notes, “So, to what should be no one’s surprise, ESPN’s riding the Clayton-as-metalhead train as far as it’ll take them,” with the release of these outtakes (and perhaps more to follow).

Watch the John Clayton This is SportsCenter blooper reel:

Do you think ESPN should make more funny promos featuring John Clayton?