Kim Kardashian Is Doing To Taylor Swift What Paris Hilton Did To Her

Kim Kardashian cannot stand anyone being more famous than herself. So her strategy? Break down any potential threat to her inner Iron Throne. And for this, she is as vicious as any Game of Thrones aspirant. The 35-year-old fashionista and celebrity in one won’t be beat with being famous.

That will also explain why Kanye West, Kim’s husband, has titled his latest opus “Famous.” Why it is a reminder of what his wife, Kim Kardashian West stands and fights for. Paris Hilton made a tactical mistake when she gave up her throne a long time ago to her then BFF Kim. For the truth is, there was no taking it back. And so the Hilton heiress as of late has been reminding everybody according to News that she made Kim famous.

Enter Taylor Swift, fresh from the success of her 1989 album and world tour. The Pop Princess is reportedly now worth a staggering $250 million, according to Forbes. Now compare this with Kim Kardashian’s $51 million.

In addition, the fact remains that she is an aging beauty queen when compared to Taylor Swift who is only 26-years-old. So sooner or later, despite the best that anti-wrinkle creams and Botox can do, Kardashian West will need to relinquish her throne. That is, unless of course, she thinks that she could muster a Queen of England glam act.

Considering all these factors, imagine how much it affects Kim when night and day, for over a month now, Taylor Swift is hugging the headlines with the Hiddleswift saga. So there was only one way to arrest the continuing uphill trend of Taylor’s popularity — release the Kanye West and Taylor Swift phone tapes.

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For sure, the move worked like a charm. Now Swoki news is on the sidelines as the “Famous” wars rage on. But, nothing lasts forever. Age is fast catching up with the Kardashian. Daily Mail reveals how a few scenes from the socialite’s “M.I.L.F. $” MTV have been Photoshopped in order to make Kim Kardashian look younger.

“Like a maggot feeding on the rotting corpse of a dead horse, Kim Kardashian swelled in fame even as Paris Hilton diminished,” is how MSN describes the violent transition or passing of the torch of fame from one star to another. As with Taylorgate, there was likewise a lot of bad mouthing, although in a one-sided way. That is, Kardashian kept quiet while Hilton launched her seemingly never-ending tirade. For example, Hilton was quoted as saying the following regarding her former assistant.

“I wouldn’t want my bum to look like Kim’s because it reminds me of cottage cheese inside a trash bag.”

So if Kim Kardashian cannot stomach bad mouthing Paris, why can’t she stop breathing dragon fire on Taylor Swift? Kardashian West tells us that she is finally fed up with Swift constantly playing the role of a victim. Also, Kim said that she wants to stand behind her man.

But perhaps, another reason is, fame has gotten into Kim’s system like Hilton, and so like Gollum in the movie The Lord Of the Rings, the Kardashian is extremely reluctant to pass on the ring of fame to a much younger person like Taylor. Of course, this can all be part of scripting for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians (KUWTK) reality show.

A People article reveals that Kim could be legally liable for her social media disclosure of Taylorgate, although the reality star can argue that the phone call was newsworthy. The source elaborates that there were people in the room when the recording happened, but the fact that it was a phone call still makes Kanye West’s action illegal.

The source also adds that West’s legal liability could amount to $2,500 in fines and up to one year in prison. On the other hand, for Kim Kardashian’s part in disclosing the contents of the phone call without the consent of all parties concerned, she could be spending one year in jail plus $5,000 in fines according to the California penal code.

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