Alicia Vikander Wanted By ‘Every Single Person’ Including Michael Fassbender

Alicia Vikander is the most wanted actress in Hollywood right now – so much so that her boyfriend Michael Fassbender has a hard time getting ahold of her! She has been jetsetting around the world, filming movies, promoting fashion brands, and walking the red carpet for her most recent film Jason Bourne. Everybody is vying for her attention.

When she appeared at the Las Vegas premiere of Jason Bourne, the fashion critics were very impressed by her choice of red carpet wear. She definitely showed that she had what it took to become “the leading lady off-screen,” showing “some skin as she shuffled down the red carpet in an attention grabbing Louis Vuitton Resort dress at the star-studded screening.”

The cast members of Jason Bourne admitted that she is someone that everyone wants right now.

“The truth is we felt so grateful she did the movie,” Matt Damon said, according to Daily Mail. “Every single person in the world is trying to get Alicia Vikander in their movie right now, she’s the hottest thing in Hollywood, it was huge for us.”

She had a blast shooting the movie though, fitting right in as the “new girl” into a cast that has been bonding for the past years as they continued making the franchise. She even said that becoming a part of Jason Bourne“made it feel like you were entering a family.”

“They love a joke and prank on set,” Alicia said about her cast mates. “They never got me, I was on edge most the time, but I think Matt’s going to come for me at some point.”

On the other hand, her boyfriend Michael Fassbender has been also busy wrapping up his Aliens: Covenant in Sydney, Australia, as well as promoting his upcoming movie Assassin’s Creed. Alicia VIkander managed to visit him down under for a few days, but that was curtailed by the fact that she had other engagements.

The latest stills from Assassin’s Creed shows the 39-year-old actor shirtless in the midst of action.

The film also stars Marion Cotillard and will be released in cinemas on December 21, according to Just Jared.

But before long, Michael and Alicia will find themselves back in the arms of each other. That’s because The Light Between Oceans, the movie where their offscreen romance started, will premiere at the end of the summer, and they will have to start the promo tour soon.

In fact, in just two weeks, the 27-year-old actress will be in New York with Michael Fassbender touring for the movie that brought them together.

The Swedish actress admitted that “she’s barely had time to see her family as well as boyfriend Michael Fassbender” so far because of all her troubles, according to Daily Mail. But she also revealed that “she’s glad she’s been able to catch up with handsome Michael as they get ready to promote their shared project The Light Between Oceans.”

When they had a brief reunion in Sydney, they looked a picture of love, doing all the things that new couples do together – exercising, going out for lunches, and bowling together.

Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender appeared to be just as much in the honeymoon period as they enjoyed a workout session together on Friday at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia,” reports Daily Mail. “The pair were joined by a trainer, who put them through their paces with an array of taxing exercises as they worked up a sweat in the sunshine.”

But if the fans are hoping that Michael Fassbender will spill the beans on the relationship during the promotional tour of The Light Between Oceans, they may have to fold the dreams now.

“It has been reported that Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander’s upcoming movie The Light Between Oceans is where their love ignited, but it’s not a good idea to ask the actor about that,” reports Sydney Morning Herald. “The notoriously private Irish star shot down a question on that very notion despite talk being excitedly rife on the subject with the release of the movie’s official trailer this week.”

“Dropping his toothy grin, and reaching out and giving this reporter a light and unexpected smack on the right shoulder, he replied, ‘nice talking to you’, before turning on his heels and heading off in the direction of the next waiting reporter,” reports the same article.

But do you think Alicia Vikander will more likely to talk about their romance? Let us know in the comments below!

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