‘Mean Girls’ Star Daniel Franzese Engaged To Boyfriend

Daniel Franzese is known for his brooding character, Damien, in the hit movie Mean Girls, but these days the comedian has a lot to smile about. Recently, the Mean Girls star got engaged to his boyfriend, Joseph Bradley Phillips.

Daniel Franzese’s rep broke the news to People. Franzese picked an “unusual” place to pop the question, but one with a ton of sentiment to the couple. The actor proposed to his boyfriend at Starbucks, which is where the two met for the first time more than a year ago.

It seems as though Franzese planned everything out perfectly, as the comedian slipped his ring to one of the baristas the day before so they were in on the plan. Luckily, it all went off without a hitch.

When the barista announced their orders, she called the happy couple, “Mr. and Mr. Franzese,” complete with the title written on the cup. After Philips opened up the coffee cup, he saw the engagement ring, and that’s when Franzese proposed on bended knee.

While on his knee, Franzese said to his partner, “Since I first saw you here, you have opened your heart to me, and I vow to God that for the rest of my life to honor and protect that heart if you will be my husband. Will you marry me?”

His boyfriend of course, accepted the proposal.

It’s said that Philips, a fashion marketer, will be Joseph Bradley Franzese, as he plans to take the actor’s last name.

Of the engagement, Danny told People the following.

“Joseph has given me the best of his heart and I’m so happy he said yes. Finding my soulmate has made all the years I struggled with myself worth it.”

After news of the engagement went viral, many took to twitter to express their congratulations to the happy couple.

Seemingly overwhelmed with the amount of well wishes he received, Danny took to Twitter to thank everyone for their support.

Back in February of 2015, Franzese opened up about his love during a Love Lounge event. At the time, Danny and Joseph had just celebrated Valentine’s Day weekend together.

He explained that the two got to spend time together in San Francisco. Despite spending a lot of time in San Francisco shooting the TV show Looking, Danny said that spending time with his boyfriend, without it being work related was romantic and wonderful.

He also opened up about where God takes place in LGBT culture.

“A lot of LGBT people are forced by society norms to make a choice between gay or God. And I don’t think that’s something that needs to happen,. I’m going to church after this. And I really think it’s nice that that’s an option, for people to not feel like they have to deny God to be their authentic self, because God doesn’t deny them.”

Franzese rose to fame when he played one of the first openly gay teens of the millennial generation in the 2004 film Mean Girls. After that, Danny went viral as a comedian and YouTube star when he created the series “Sh!t Italian Moms Say.”

[Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Los Angeles LGBT Center]